Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Bachelorette: Frank goes to Tahiti to Tell Ali He's in Love with Nicole

I'm appalled I keep watching the 2 hour long Monday ABC trainwreck, The Bachelorette. If it were not for the invention of DVRs, I don't think I could do it.

So, last week we saw Ali visit Frank at the Neuschaefer's home in Chicago in what is known in Bachelor/Bachelorette speak as "Hometowns". Meaning, visit the hometown and family of the boys, or girls, you might be taking to a Fantasy Suite in some exotic locale for a test run before choosing one to be your husband or wife.

While in Chicago somehow The Bachelorette cameras knew to follow Frank while he dropped in on his Chicago girlfriend, Nicole, and realized, shocking, that he was still in love with her. Even though he'd been toying with falling in love with Ali. While getting a fun free trip around the world.

This morning I read that before Frank went seeking fresh love on a tv show he'd quit his job and flew to Europe, where he traveled around until he ran out of money. This is why he is living with his mom and dad.

Now, the producers of The Bachelorette knew that Frank had this girl friend. They filmed him professing his love for her. So, why did they fly Frank to Tahiti? How could Frank, with a clear conscience, accept that rose, in the Sacred Rose Ceremony, from Ali on the night she rejected Kirk? I mean, he knew those ABC cameras were with him, recording his conversation with Nicole.

I read this morning that Frank was told, by the show's producers, that he had to go to Tahiti to tell Ali about his girl friend. Because that storyline would be easy to milk for good ratings. Which is what was done, what with all those previews showing Frank breaking some bad news to Ali. In Tahiti.

Now why is it with the Canadian wrestler named Justin, that when the show's producers got evidence of Justin's nefarious double dealing with his back home girlfriend, that Ali was immediately told about this by Chris Harrison, leading to the funny scenes of Ali chasing Justin in Istanbul?

But with the evidence, on tape, of Frank professing his love of another woman, this information was kept from Ali? Until Tahiti?

Anyway, it's all very bogus. Somewhat entertaining. But bogus.

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