Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tom Cruise Considering a Reality TV Show?

You're looking at the infamous iconic image of Tom Cruise Jumping the Couch on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

It is widely believed it was at this point that the dimming of the Tom Cruise star began.

Made even dimmer by subsequent displays of disturbing behavior.

Tom Cruise has made attempts to fix his damaged reputation, without a lot of luck.

I think the only route to recovery for Tom Cruise would be to finally wise up and get out of the Scientology Cult.

But, in the news today I see that Tom Cruise is considering a different tactic to re-connect with his once adoring public. That being a Reality TV Show showing Tom's private life with wife, Katie Holmes and baby, Suri.

Apparently Tom Cruise has been shooting a lot of footage of his private life at home with the wife and kid.

Unless Tom Cruise has gotten some sort of good judgment transplant that now has him realizing how he comes across when he is in real person mode, well, I'm thinking this is not a great plan for Tom.

I'm guessing it would be a trainwreck, with Tom Cruise not realizing he's making matters worse. Just like Britney Spears with her extremely embarrassing Reality TV Show, shot with then husband to be, now ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

And then there was Paula Abdul's Hey Paula Reality TV Show. Major, major trainwreck. Paula seems to have survived her Reality TV Show trainwreck better than Britney Spears Reality TV Show trainwreck, which seemed to be the start of Britney's spiral into, well, madness.

So, it is going to be interesting to see if Tom Cruise goes ahead with sharing his home movies. I suspect someone in his orbit will caution him that this is not a good idea.

Below is an amusing version of Tom Cruise's infamous Oprah Winfrey performance on her couch....

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