Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Ed & Jason Sent Home While Holli & Jay Romance

Ed Battaglia got sent home in the first hour of Tuesday's night's Hell's Kitchen. Ed got overwhelmed by seafood.

Prior to Ed having seafood woes, Ben Knack won the reward challenge by making the most attractive and tasty dish, which earned him a much needed makeover and being on the cover of a magazine, the name of which I don't remember.

Ben did look marginally better with a new haircut and his eyebrows plucked. Unfortunately the makeover did not include a personality adjustment.

In the second hour Holli won the reward by making the highest valued dish from $10 bucks of ingredients, with the dish value judged by 3, apparently, well known restaurateurs.

Holli's reward was going to a restaurant with Jean Phillipe, with $1,000 to spend at a cooking supply store. Holli also got to take along one other chef.

Holli chose Jay. Also known as Blue Jay. Due to his disturbing blue hair.

Holli Ugalde is a very attractive 24 year old. With a tramp stamp on her back, losing major beauty points with me. Jay Santos is 33. Almost 10 years older than Holli. Holli is quite good-looking. Jay, is well, not quite good-looking. And a bit of a chunk.

During lunch, with Jean-Phillipe, there was some double-entendre-ing going on. Flirting between Holli and Jay. At one point Jean-Phillipe inquired about getting a room for the lovebirds.

Later, back at Hell's Kitchen, in the dorm, Holli and Jay get in the hot tub. It was getting quite, well, uh, adult, when Autumn showed up and, well, ruined the mood. I think this is when I saw Holli's tramp stamp. It seemed a very appropriate stamp at the time.

The previews for next week seem to indicate there will be some romance drama regarding Holli and Jay which sends Gordon Ramsay into one of his furies. That should be amusing and entertaining.

I forgot to mention. Jason Ellis was the second boot of the night. He did seem to be at a point where he had reached the limit of his talent. I liked Jason, he grew on me. Ramsay was quite nice to him after booting him, very encouraging. And Jason was quite articulate and good-natured about reaching the end of his Hell's Kitchen road.

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