Thursday, July 29, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Young vs. Old or Kids vs. Geezers

The upcoming twenty-first season of Survivor, taking place in Nicaragua, is another Survivor with a gimmick.

This time there will be a young tribe of kids under 40 called the La Flor Tribe. The kids will be battling against the over 40 geriatrics in the Espada Tribe.

The Battle of the Generation Gap starts up at 8 Eastern/7 Central Time, Wednesday, September 15, which puts Survivor back in the time slot it occupied back in summer of 2000 for Survivor: Borneo.

Due to what Survivor producers call "The Russell Factor" Hidden Immunity Idols are going to be made more difficult for the kids and old folks to find.

Among the old Survivors will be a former coach of the Dallas Cowboys named Jimmy Johnson.

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