Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bethenny Got Married After Peeing in a Bucket With Jill Zarin Going Crazier

That is Bethenny Frankel in her wedding dress, with one person helping her get off her underwear and her wedding planner, Buster Bluth, helping hold up the dress so that Bethenny could urinate in a bucket.

It was only minutes to go before her wedding. No modern facilities were available, hence the bucket.

After an awful lot of fussing by perfectionist Bethenny, in the end, the wedding planner did his job well and to Bethenny's grateful satisfaction. Actually doing anything to make the wedding come off, including helping facilitate the makeshift restroom.

And coming through with the Red Velvet cake, which was the thing that seemed to be worrying Bethenny the most.

I can't remember the actual name of the Buster Bluth lookalike. I'm thinking he is funny enough to have his own Bravo show.

I am not a big fan of watching a wedding, either in person or on TV. But, Bethenny's wedding was funny and touching.

Of Bethenny's fellow Real New York Housewives, only Ramona and Alex and their husbands were at the wedding. When the cake got cut Simon shouted out something that I didn't understand. Bethenny said he was wasted.

The new Mrs. Jason Hoppy was worried that some of Jason's fratboy friends might act up. She strictly forbade anyone getting in the pool. Of course, a couple boys did. Bethenny pretended to be upset, but said she was not in reality, saying something like how can she get uppity about boys in the pool when just minutes ago she'd been peeing in a bucket.

Gossip in the Internet forums has Jill Zarin spiraling deeper into madness, distraught over the mess she has made of her reputation, jealous of Bethenny's continued success, including the highest rated Bravo premiere ever.

Supposedly Jill is so unsettled that her inept advice book, Secrets of a Jewish Mother, is not selling, that she had husband Bobby buy a huge number of the books from Amazon, shipped to Zarin Fabrics, where Jill then tries to re-sell them as autographed copies.

With no one buying them.

Rumor has Jill then buying her own books, autographing them and mailing them. To whom? It's all become very Norma Desmondesque.

Has Jill caused Zarin Fabrics to hit the skids? The Zarin's sold their Hamptons house and their apartment is for sale. One rumor has them living in the attic above their store.

I wonder if there is any advice in Jill's book about how to say I'm sorry? And mean it.

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