Sunday, February 20, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island's Secret Agent Phillip Provides The Comedy

I finally got around to watching the first episode of Survivor: Redemption Island 4 days after it aired.

That is Phillip misspelling the name of a member of his 3 person alliance, Francesca Hogi. Phillip was also unable to pronounce Francesca's name correctly, even though she corrected his mispronunciation several times.

Francesca was the first to be voted out of her tribe and on to Redemption Island.

I don't remember enjoying a first episode of a new Survivor as much as I did this one. And most of what made it entertaining was Special Secret Federal Agent, Phillip Sheppard.

A 52 year old total nutjob.

Phillip bragged multiple times about how well he could read people, due to his time as a Secret Agent. But somehow the Secret Agent got confused at Tribal Council, turned on his alliance, revealed that Kristina Kell  found a Hidden Immunity Idol and put some of the funniest expressions on Jeff Probst's face ever.

Speaking of Jeff Probst. He really really needs to turn down the volume as he yells the play by play at a challenge.

Now, back to Phillip. Why did they show him talking to Kristina and Francesca wearing only pink tighty whities?

With no blurring.

There was a lot of bikini blurring, but we were not spared a high-definition look at Phillip's pink manties?

I was really liking Francesca. She's funny. I guess we get to see her have a duel with whoever is the next one voted out. It will be amusing if it is Phillip.

One more thing. I didn't mind Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano being back. It sort of added an interesting dynamic. And I liked how so many tools were provided so the tribes could get right to constructing their huts.

There seems to be some doubt at CBS regarding Phillip's claim to be a former Federal agent.

On the CBS bio for Phillip on the Survivor website a question mark is used, an in...

Occupation: Former Federal Agent?

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