Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Breakdown Over Chris Medina To Be Continued Tonight On American Idol

I enjoyed the Beatles in Vegas deal on American Idol Wednesday night. I think there were something like 80 who got bused to Vegas.

I know I should not hit the FF button, and if I didn't I might not get confused.

At about the hour mark 7 or 8 singers names were called, like the kid with the deep voice, Scotty McCreery.

Scotty and the others who stepped forward were moving on. But it was the end for the others, including the blonde kid who looked sort of goofy, but seemed to sing and perform in an entertaining way.

Then in the next hour we heard some more singing and then long walks to a chair in front of the judges where the singer gets told if they are in the Top 24 or not.

I think it'd been whittled down to 40, when the long walks began. When Scotty was told he was moving on, was it to the group of 40 he was moving?

I am just too easily confused.

The final one to take the long walk Wednesday night was Chris Medina. The guy with the fiancĂ©e who was badly injured and who he has stuck with. It was a memorable back story. And you could not help but like the guy. Though he needs to lose weight and get a haircut.

It was Jennifer Lopez who delivered the news that Medina would not be in the Top 24. He took it well. Randy, Jennifer and Steven all hugged him. As he walked away Jennifer got more and more emotional. We kept cutting from Chris back to Jennifer, crying, worrying that she had not delivered the news in a good way. Both Randy and Steven were very reassuring.

This went on and on, cutting between Chris and Jennifer's breakdown. Then the judges' take a break while Jennifer tries to compose herself. Will it just be Steven and Randy delivering the news to the remaining contestants? And then "To Be Continued."

It all seemed a bit contrived. But, it also seemed all quite real.

 I really thought American Idol had jumped the shark last year, and re-jumped it with the new judges. But, instead, it's like the show has hugely improved. And I am now a Jennifer Lopez fan. She is just so darn nice. As is Steven Tyler.

Everything about "Hollywood Week" has been an amped up production compared to previous years. What does this portend for the live shows? I'm thinking it portends good things.

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