Thursday, February 24, 2011

Glee's Alcohol Awareness Week Episode Where Everyone Gets Drunk

I find Glee to be amusing. And on way too early, as in 8/7c time. Glee has way too much adult material to be on so early.

And the fact that Glee is real popular with sub-teens is troubling.

I may be turning in to a prude in my old age.

In this week's episode of Glee Rachel's 2 gay dads were off on a Rosie O'Donnell cruise. So, Puck convinced Rachel to have a party. A drinking party.

Earlier we'd seen the Principal of William McKinley High School ask the Glee Club teacher, Will Schuester, to have the Glee Club sing an anti-alcohol song to an assembly dedicated to Alcohol Awareness Week.

The Glee kids all show up for Rachel's party. But start to leave because her 2 drink minimum was not enough to give them a good buzz. So, Puckerman convinces Rachel to break into her dad's liquor supply.

And so they do. And then proceed to get quite drunk. Except for Finn who was the designated driver and who suddenly knows words like "archetype."

Spinning the bottle,Rachel kissed Blaine, who had been gay, but when kissed by Rachel suddenly, became not gay. The upset Kurt alot, because Kurt is thoroughly convinced that both he and Blaine are gay.

Which makes sense, with the pair ending up, with Blaine drunk, in Kurt's bed, discovered there the next day by Kurt's dad. Kurt got quite upset with Blaine's orientation change. Eventually it was decided to test if kissing Rachel sober was still a turn on. It wasn't. So Blaine was back to being gay.

And on another gay note. Sue Sylvester, she being the obviously mentally ill criminally violent person who no one seems to be appalled by, gleefully told other teachers how she'd knocked another school Glee Club director down 2 flights of stairs so she could take over his job. And that he should be all right and get out of the hospital once the swelling in his brain goes down.

The day after Rachel's party everyone has a hangover. Artie in the wheelchair brought Bloody Mary's to school in a thermos to cure everyone of their hangovers.

Coach Beiste convinces Will to go to a honky tonk with her. Where they proceed to get drunk and sing. When he gets home Will drunkenly corrects papers, giving everyone an A+ with a smiley face. Then makes a call to Emma, but instead dialing Sue Sylvester.

Sue Sylvester then plays that call over the school intercom. A call in which Will suggests that Emma come over for a roll in the hay. And to bring a couple wine coolers.

If I remember right the phone call was played after New Directions sang their song, Tik Tok, for the Alcohol Awareness Assembly. To fortify them for singing Rachel brought the Glee kids a concoction of booze she made from leftovers from her party. Including crumbled Oreos and cough syrup.

Tik Tok had dim bulb, but lovably promiscuous Cheerio, Brittany, auto-tuning the lead. And then finishing her number by projectile vomiting a huge amount of greenish-gray vomit on Rachel.

After Sue played Will's phone call, the Glee Club and Will were called to the Principal's office. They figured they were in trouble. Instead the Principal praised them for their brilliant song, saying its profound effect had brought the school's drunk kid incidents to zero. And he told Will he'd like Will to talk to his minister about Will's drinking and sex addiction problems.

That does not cover all that seemed a bit on the adult side for the viewing pleasure of pre-teenagers. There have been some objections by some PTA type groups, to Glee. But, I am surprised there aren't more complaints. 7 seems way to early for this show to be on, especially where I am right now. In the Buckle of the Bible Belt.

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Mike Van Alstine said...

I think that you miss the point of the show. Whether you agree or disagree these are issues that kids confront every day in school. I applaud the show for taking a stance and putting it in the mainstream, regardless if I agree with the content