Monday, February 28, 2011

83rd Annual Academy Awards Was Slow & Boring & Badly Hosted By James Franco & Anne Hathaway

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards started a bit slow and wobbly and seemed to get slower and wobblier as the show progressed.

Kurt Douglas was a perfect metaphor for last night's Academy Awards. Slow and wobbly.

I made it past the Kurt Douglas part, then bailed soon after James Franco showed up as Marilyn Monroe. I suppose this could have somehow been funny. But it wasn't.

The show lasted over 3 hours. I think I lasted for a bit over an hour.

I read that producers asked the potential winners to make short speeches, should they win. And not to pull out a piece of paper off which a long list of names, no one has ever heard of, is read. Most did not listen to the speech instructions.

It seemed to me that James Franco and Anne Hathaway were hosting failures. Way too much giggling as they made their way through lame jokes and repartee.

Nothing I read this morning about last night's show is making me want to watch the 2 hours I missed.

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