Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Bachelor Brad Womack Finally Sent Michelle Money Home

It was down to only 6 wife candidates on The Bachelor remaining and I still can't remember all their names, for certain.

On Monday night's 2 hour episode of The Bachelor Brad Womack became a rule breaking madman.

Monday's wife hunting had 3 one on one dates and one group date. With no roses to be handed out on the one on one dates, but with one rose to be handed out on the group date.

Normally on those all important one on one dates you have to get a Sacred Rose or you are sent home.

I don't remember if it was the first one on one date of the night, but Brad took a wife candidate I don't remember seeing much of previously, I think the name was Britt, on a yacht. During the yacht date Brad realized he had no connection with this particular wife candidate. So, even though he was going against the rules, he sent Britt, if that is her name, packing. Because he'd vowed to himself to not lead any women on this time.

Apparently, on his previous iteration on The Bachelor, Brad was seen as quite a cad.

The on his one on one date with Emily, who he now calls Em, like Auntie Em, Brad broke another rule. He told Em that even though he was strictly forbidden to do so by the strict rules, that he was breaking the rules and letting her know, now, that even though he can't give her a Sacred Rose right then, that she could rest assured she would be getting a rose at the Sacred Rose Ceremony.

The group date where Brad was allowed to give out one of the Sacred Roses did not go well when he did so.  Were there 3 or 4 wife candidates on the group date? I don't remember. I think the remaining six are the aforementioned Britt and Emily. Plus a couple of Chantalls, an Ashley and the nutjob, Michelle Money.

I think the group date consisted of Ashley, one of the Chantalls and Michelle. For whatever reason Brad gave Ashley the Sacred Rose, which really upset the ones who did not get the Sacred Rose, one of whom, I think it was a Chantall, had declared her deep and abiding love for Brad.

With Britt already exiled from their location on the Caribbean island of Anguilla, only one wife candidate got the boot at the Sacred Rose Ceremony.

Brad broke all the rules once more when he cancelled the Cocktail Party that is part of the Sacred Rose Ceremony. Brad cancelled getting drunk with the wife candidates because he'd finally figured out Michelle was way too much trouble.

And so Brad did not give Michelle Money a Sacred Rose. I was hoping for a good Michelle meltdown, but she took the eviction quietly, did not want to talk to Brad about it. Then as she drove away in the limo, still no tears or words of upset. Instead Michelle just lay down on the car seat and stared at the camera.

Next week it is the all important Hometown Dates, where Brad gets to meet Emily's daughter, who, by the looks of the previews, does not take well to Brad.  Who can blame her? Then I guess it is to the 2 Chantall's hometowns. And Ashley's.

One of the 4 will be weeded out next week at yet one more dramatic Sacred Rose Ceremony, followed by the all important Fantasy Suite episode where Brad takes the wife candidates to some exotic location and then proceeds to spend the night with each of them to fully test their fitness for full wife duties. I hope he remembers to pack Viagra.

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