Monday, February 28, 2011

The Amazing Race: Amanda & Kris Eliminated with Zev & Justin First to Pit Stop

Running around the streets of an Australian Outback town called Broken Hill, searching for two items on the Periodic Table, Mercury and Bismuth, while costumed as Kangaroos, was the funniest part of the Second Episode of Season 18 of The Amazing Race.

Jet finally figuring out what the compass was spelling and then managing to make it, with his brother, Cord, 3rd to the Pit Stop was a pretty good turnaround.

Amanda & Kris pretty much got the guarantee of being the first team eliminated way back in Palm Springs when they were last to figure out the Quantas clue, thus giving them the penalty of having to complete both of the first detours on the race. In other words they got U-Turned, just like what happened to them the first time they raced. That gave them Unfinished Business that I guess is still unfinished.

Zev & Justin have not lost their passports again, yet, and made it first to the Pit Stop at a silver mine built in 1884 called Junction Mine. Coming in first got Zev & Justin a trip to Cancun.

I didn't much care for the detours. Before the teams found their way to the Outback and the detours they had to find "To Sail to Stop" in Sydney. This is where the clue sent them when Phil told them they were still racing at the Pit Stop on the first episode. The first 6 teams to figure out the clue signed up for the first flight to Broken Hill, 684 miles from Sydney.

Kisha & Jen, Zev & Justin, Margie & Luke, Jaime & Cara, Mel & Mike and Kent & Vyxsin were first to sign up.

Gary & Mallory made it first to the first Pit Stop, but along with Amanda & Kris, they had trouble finding the next clue til they paired up with Ron & Christina.

That left the Cowboys the last to sign up for the flight to Broken Hill.

Once they got to Broken Hill, then the Living Desert had to be found. When the teams found the Living Desert they found the detours, Spirit World or Natural World. Make a mosaic and then dance on it in Spirit World. Or spit four Aboriginal territory markers with paint in the Natural World.

It was a bit of a confusing mess with all the teams taking the mosaic option. Upon successful completion the next clue sent them back to Broken Hill to find the Central Football Club. It was the clue at the Football Club that put them in Kangaroo suits.

Zev & Justin made it first to the Kangaroos. Margie & Luke teamed up with Zev & Justin. A local let them use a smart phone to figure out what the element symbols meant. I guess it pays to know how to use a smart phone on The Amazing Race. Margie lost part of her Kangaroo which sent her & Luke back with the rest of the pack of Kangaroos running for the clue.

Eventually all the Kangaroos figured out the clue and got in their cars to race to Junction Mine to the Pit Stop.

Amanda & Kris nearly made it past Ron & Christina for the 10th spot, but in the end, they came in last.

Flight Time & Big Easy came in 2nd, followed by the Cowboys, then Kisha & Jen, Margie & Luke, Mel & Mike, Kent & Vyxsin, Jaimie & Cara, Gary & Mallory and I already told you the next two places.

Mel is seeming a bit out of shape for all this heavy duty racing. It's nice how Mike is always so concerned for his dad. But 70 years old and doing this? How did Mel pass the physical?

I did not watch the previews so I have no idea where they go next week.

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