Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Amazing Race Unfinished Business Season 18 Premieres Tonight With Recycled Racers

At the end of the last Amazing Race we learned that Season 18 was going to be a recycling of racers who have already raced, who supposed are back racing because they have unfinished business. Whatever that is supposed to mean in this context.

The preview that aired at the end of the last Amazing Race was a bit misleading as to who would be racing again. It was more a hint of who might be racing. That hint showed several teams from the race that had just ended as being in the race for Unfinished Business.

But in reality, only Gary & Mallory from Season 17 are back racing.

I really don't understand why this Unfinished Business idea was thought to be a good one. Several of the returning racers I do not remember. And some of those I do remember I really don't want to see racing again. Like that weird Goth pair Kent & Vyxsin.

I did not much like the Harlem Globetrotters, Flight Time & Big Easy.

The returning racers who I sort of recognize, by their faces, but don't really remember are Amanda & Kris, Jaime & Cara, Mel & Mike and Ron & Christina.

I remember Zev & Justin as being annoying. And not in a good way.

I do not remember LaKisha & Jennifer.

The only teams who I clearly remember and actually liked and don't mind seeing again are the McCoy brothers, the cowboys known as Jet & Cord. Equally memorable are Margie & Luke.

I set the DVR to record The Amazing Race. But I'm not all that excited to be watching it.

I still have not gotten around to watching the first episode of the latest Survivor. I'm a little turned off by Russell Hantz and Rob Mariano being on Survivor yet one more time. With so many people trying to get on The Amazing Race and Survivor, it just seems wrong giving people second, third and fourth chances.

I have enjoyed Top Chef All-Stars though.

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