Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Bachelor: Brad Gives Shawntel No Rose After An Embalming Demonstration

This week, on The Bachelor, with it down to only 4 wife candidates left for the 3 Fantasy Suite positions, I was able to remember their names.

Shawntel, Chantal, Ashley and Emily.

This week's The Bachelor episode was the one where Brad Womack travels to the hometown of his potential wife to meet her family. These are known in Bachelor-speak as "Hometown Dates", usually shortened to "Hometown."

The "Hometowns" follow a repeating script. One thing in the script is "Hometowns are important." Another part of the Hometown Script is taking the father aside to ask if is okay to ask the daughter to be the wife is she works out well in the Fantasy Suite.

I watch The Bachelor with a bit of a heavy hand on the fast forward button. I did not see Brad meet Emily's family or ask Emily's dad permission to marry Emily.

Despite the previews that had indicated otherwise, Emily's daughter Ricky did not run screaming from the room in terror when she first saw Brad. I really don't get the Emily attraction.

Ashley's family was a bit weird.

Chantal's family lived in a big house with a lot of rock work. Being from the Seattle area I can tell you this was a typical Seattle house. I read somewhere that Chantal's dad is a former Seattle Seahawk who now owns car dealerships in the Seattle zone. Chantal's house was also nice. I don't know if Chantal is a car dealer.

But, I do know that Shawntel does work in her dad's business. Shawntel put Brad up on an embalming table to demonstrate how she works with corpses. Brad is a bit of a stiff, so this made sense.

The funeral parlor, embalming table visit was a bit creepy. So, it did not surprise me, even though she declared her deep and ever lasting love for Brad every 2 minutes, that it was Shawntel who did not get a rose in the Sacred Rose Ceremony.

I did not wait for the previews of next week's episode. I assume Brad is jetting the potential wives off to an exotic tropical location where he will spend the night with each in a Fantasy Suite. Brad did not feel right about kissing Emily with little Ricky in the house. I hope thinking that little Emily might be watching her mom in the Fantasy Suite does not give Brad performance anxiety.

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