Monday, January 31, 2011

Real Housewives of Atlanta Ends With Cynthia Married, NeNe Nuts, Phaedra Funny, Sheree Acting Badly With Kim & Kroy Making Their First Public Appearance Along With Kim's New & Improved Breasts

The finale of the 3rd season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta centered on the drama surrounding Cynthia's sad wedding to a drunk Peter who seemed to magically sober up by the time he read his vows.

That was one strange wedding. Marrying a dinosaur surrounded by dinosaurs.

And why would you go through a wedding when you find yourself suddenly broke?

In the finale Kim Zolciak proudly revealed her newly rebuilt breasts, or as she calls them, her "new titties."

Kim's boobs really should get their own Bravo TV Show. Kim had to do a lot of titty adjusting tonight. In the screen cap we see Kim do yet one more adjustment, at the wedding, while Kroy looks on.

Along with the new boobs, this also was the first time out in public, with the other "housewives" with boyfriend, Atlanta Falcon, Kroy Biermann. I assume Kim was not pregnant at this point in time. Because drinking wine was still a favorite Kim pastime.

Knowing that Cynthia was pinching pennies for her wedding, and needing a secure wine supply, Kim brought her own bottle.

Kim and Kroy were on Watch What Happens Live after the finale. At that live time, which was Sunday night, Kim was 5 and a half months along. And looking really good. Kim wears being preggers real well.

Kroy is a quiet guy. Definitely seems the opposite of Kim's free-spirited loudness. And it seemed like Kroy is actually quite smitten with his baby mama.

Back to the finale. Watching Sheree's audition for a movie part was a bit painful. It was like those she was auditioning for were doing the auditioning for the Bravo cameras.

Phaedra had several Phaedra gem one-liners, none of which I remember. Phaedra really grew on me the more we got to see her.

Cynthia, not so much. I think because I felt sort of sorry for her. It's not fun to watch someone and feel sorry for her.

As for NeNe. Well. The woman is nuts. That is all there is to it. Delusional and nuts. And way way too loud.

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