Friday, January 28, 2011

The Bachelor's Brad Womack's Bettina Bell Affair

The Bachelor, Brad Womack, aka Brad Pickelsimer, just keeps getting skeezier and skeezier.

I am not sure skeezier is a word. It is being flagged as misspelled, so I suspect I have made up a word.

Well, skeezier fits.

I did not watch any of Womack's first attempt to find a wife on The Bachelor, the attempt where Brad won infamy by rejecting all the potential wives.

Including Bettina Bell. I think that is Brad rejecting Bettina in the picture.

Bettina Bell made it as far as spending the night with Brad in one of those notorious Fantasy Suites. And then he rejected her, keeping Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas to reject later.


Apparently Bettina Bell made a good enough impression in the Fantasy Suite that after Brad's The Bachelor stint was over the fantasy started up again, with Brad wooing Bettina with sweet nothings, heavy-duty smooching and other Fantasy Suite type stuff.

And then when Brad got the call to go and try and find a wife again on The Bachelor, he suddenly broke up with Bettina after 9 months of conjugal bliss.

Bettina says, "It was so strange. He was pursuing me like crazy, and then out of nowhere he went MIA."

MIA means Missing in Action for you who don't do initials.

Brad, the cad, denies being in any serious relationship during the time between his two The Bachelor stints, saying, "I have not been in a true relationship since the show ended."

That's gotta make this Bettina girl feel real good.

Bettina is shocked that Brad agreed to go back on ABC's infamous Train Wreck, hypocritically telling her he hated doing it the first time, that it was a bad experience.

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