Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Bachelor: Brad Womack's Second Chance To Find A Wife Or Not

I did not watch The Bachelor during its first iteration with Brad Womack being The Bachelor. I was aware that that particular attempt to find a lonely guy a wife ended up with Womack rejecting all the women.

Including Deanna Pappas.

It is my theory that it was this iteration of The Bachelor that caused the show to evolve to being the entertaining trainwreck it is in its current form.

DeAnna Pappas went on to be The Bachelorette, choosing a snowboarder over Jason Mesnick. Leading to the trainwreck known as Jason Mesnick being the next Bachelor, with him picking a wife, Melissa Rycroft, and then rejecting her in favor of his second choice.

Mesnick and his second choice are now married. And Rycroft went on to dance with the stars. And marry someone else and reproduce.

One of Mesnick's rejects was the Canadian, Jillian Harris, also known as Hot Tub Harris. Among Jillian's rejectees was a crybaby named Jake Pavelka.

Jake Pavelka went on to being the most reviled Bachelor in The Bachelor history, picking Vienna Girardi to be his wife, which led to the biggest trainwreck in The Bachelor history, with Jake Pavelka revealed to be an abusive jerk suffering from an extreme case of Little Man Syndrome.

And also dancing with the stars. Badly.

I recorded last night's first episode of Brad Womack's second chance at love. I only watched the end of the Sacred Rose Ceremony. There were WAY too many women. Some of them looked a bit scary to me.

The previews for this iteration of The Bachelor make it appear that there will be a lot of drama on this most dramatic season of The Bachelor in recorded history.

And the previews indicated that in the end, it's the two women who reject this particular Bachelor this time.

Which pretty much indicates that that is not what is going to happen.

I do not know if I'll be watching. What little I saw of this Brad Womack guy I found sort of creepy. Is that a beard, or what, that he seems to always have on his face? And a big cross tattoo on his back? Huge points are always lost with me with HUGE tattoos in weird places.

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