Thursday, January 13, 2011

Top Chef All Stars: Tiffani Faison & Jamie Lauren Pack Their Knives and Go

Jamie Lauren finally came to her well-deserved end on Top Chef All Stars, after outlasting, by dubious means, chefs pretty much universally acknowledged to be much better chefs, such as Jennifer Carroll, Spike Mendelsohn and Casey Thompson.

This week's episode started with the Top Chef All Stars alarmed out of bed at an early hour, soon to learn they were heading to Montauk, on the far east end of Long Island.

Arriving at Montauk the chefs found Padma and Tom Collicchio waiting to divide them into four teams of 3. With the four teams sent to 2 fishing boats. Where each team had to catch enough fish to feed something like 200 people back in the New York City zone, on a beach across from Manhattan.

Watching the chefs catch fish was amusing. Angelo has a fear of the water due to seeing Jaws too many times. I think little Dale Talde caught the biggest fish.

The team of Richard Blais, Fabio and Marcel decided to make one dish together. This turned out to be a bad idea, landing them up for Elimination. Antonio Lofaso, who I like, got stuck with Tiffani and Jamie, who had the worst fish dishes, while the judges told Antonio her dish may have won had she not been stuck with the teammates she was stuck with.

In the end, fan favorite, Carla.Hall won. And along with winning the Elimination Challenge, Carla also won a trip to Amsterdam.

Next week's previews make it appear as if there will be a lot of cooking mayhem. Just like the previews make it appear every week.

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