Monday, January 24, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe Needs to Shut Up

Last week's episode of RHOA was dominated by NeNe Leakes leaking her loud mouth at Kim, for no decent reason.

Sunday night's next to last episode took up where we left off last week, with NeNe braying like a wounded mule.

This season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started off with NeNe embarrassing herself at a party, screaming at Dwight.

Why would an Atlanta TV station keep NeNe on the air after watching her bizarre behavior? NeNe was a guest in that nice German real estate agent's South Beach Miami mansion, screaming about Kim being like a child when it is NeNe who acts as if she never matured past the Terrible Two's, or maybe the Fearsome Four's.

Maybe there was something actual and real that Kim said that set NeNe. But we weren't shown it. And it seemed that Kandi, who saw and heard it all, was definitely not on the NeNe Team.

To me NeNe has veered way in to Jill Zarin territory, totally misunderstanding how she is coming across. I used to like NeNe. Now I can't stand her, repulsive cow that she is.

Meanwhile, Kim just keeps on being amusing, aspiring artist that she is.

And how many Big Poppas does Kim have? It seemed like Kim was real friendly with the German real estate agent. I meant to type "familiar" but my chronic typo problem typed "friendly." Both words work.

When NeNe does her self-serving confessionals, that seem so out of sync with reality, she must not have seen what we've just seen. So, does NeNe get embarrassed when she sees the actual episode? Or is she so deluded that she does not see what we all see?

Next Sunday is the last episode, with the reunion shows starting the following Sunday, I would assume. That should be interesting, what with Kim several months into being pregnant, not drinking, not smoking. I don't think we've seen a sober Kim at one of the RHOA reunion shows.

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Anonymous said...

NeNe is a super nasty acting person. She was totally rude to Kim. Does she think she can call Kim names and Kim just take it!! No!! And also her praying to God to keep her away from the "trash" on the bus. God doesn't acknowledge those type prayers. Did Jesus do those things while He was in His ministry? No! Christians do NoT act or pray that way! NeNe is a disgrace to ALL ethnic women, all women! I wish they would dismiss her from the show, she is LOUD, LOUD, RUDE,NASTY person. Did she grow up in a garbage can? I don't want to say anymore about her because I am a christian. I wish she would not threaten Kim with violence; she should be classified as a dangerous person!