Monday, January 17, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe Terrorizes Kim On Bus Tour From Hell

The 3rd Season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started with NeNe screaming like a Mad Banshee at Dwight at a party. Totally inappropriate behavior.

We are nearing the end of Season 3 and on the latest episode of RHOA NeNe was back in full Moose on a Rampage mode.

Except for a few moments spent with Phaedra and a few moments spent with Cynthia and her supposed husband to be, Peter, mixed in with a little Sheree, most of this episode was spent on Kim and Kandi's Bus Tour.

Kim is getting on every one's nerves. The constant need to smoke, the constant screaming for Sweetie, just the constant Kim apparently is very nerve wearing.

And then for some unfathomable reason Kim invited NeNe to join the Bus Gang in Orlando, to watch Kim perform before a packed arena, I mean strip mall bar, and then ride with the gang to Miami.

Kandi knew it was not going to go well having NeNe on board. Particularly after Sweetie managed to connect a laptop to NeNe's little "news" segment where NeNe used Kim to get her interviewee to open up by asking if Kim, at 32, was too old to be a pop star. And what the interviewee thought of Kim's Tardy for the Party song.

Kim took umbrage at NeNe mentioning her in this manner in her interview. But, the initial appearance of NeNe went fairly well in Orlando. NeNe went to the show. Made snide remarks to the camera. Was fairly civil to Kim. And drank a lot of wine.

After getting drunk, that night, NeNe made some disparaging remarks directed towards Kim, but Kim did not take umbrage. Directly.

And then, the next morning, back on the bus, on the way to Miami. I don't know what set if off, but soon NeNe was spewing all sorts of mean vitriol at Kim, belittling Kim's easily belittled "singing career." Among other things. NeNe even spouted out that Kim treated Sweetie like a slave. Sweetie took umbrage at that remark.

Kim snapped back a few times, which only made NeNe louder and more aggressive. Mostly Kim was in a defensive posture with a look of terror on her face, like you see in the above screenshot.

Finally NeNe went totally ballistic and lunged at Kim, which caused Kandi and the manager, I think his name is Don Juan, to restrain NeNe.

Kandi's sorta of bemused disgust at it all is sort of amusing to watch.

Another thing I learned on the bus is us White Folk often go about barefoot. This apparently is a well known fact. Which I type, as I sit here barefooted.

I don't remember any Phaedra gems of wisdom this episode. I do remember Phaedra's baby throwing up on Sheree. I think the baby watches the show.

And then there is Peter. Run Cynthia. Run fast. Don't marry this jerk. You invest a fortune in his restaurant. It starts to fail. He closes it without telling you. And then, when you are justifiably a bit upset at your misfortune, Peter tells you he no longer will tell you anything, because you get upset. Did I already say this guy is a jerk?

I don't get how a nice gal like Cynthia hooked up with that fuzzy gray bearded geezer.

NeNe was on the episode of Watch What Happens Live that followed the latest episode of RHOA. The woman has no self awareness. Seems not in the slightest embarrassed. And continues to demonize that easy target of Kim. Apparently the reunion show was filmed last week, where Kim and NeNe went at it some more and was the first they'd seen each other since the Battle on the Bus and the follow up Battle in Miami, which we saw a glimpse of in the previews for next week.

Is next week the last episode of the season? I don't know, for sure, but I am guessing it is, because The Real Housewives of New York City starts up real soon, with Sonja Morgan now bankrupt and morphed into being a thug in a cocktail dress.

And no Bethenny Frankel. And they have kept the obviously mentally ill Kelly Bensimon as one of the housewives. Who isn't married.

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Anonymous said...

Phaedra's baby, Ayden, did throw up on Sheree, he threw up on Cynthia. Cynthia got married already (sorry for the spoil) - it will be aired later and 2 dramas spoiled the weeding - NeNe demanded to have her "hair" done and makeup at the beginning of the weeding (hello, it was not her weeding) and Kim at the end caused a scene when she caught his boy toy looking at a red headed woman! If the ring didn't mean a thing, the baby doesn't tie a man!