Saturday, January 15, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island: Russell Hantz & Rob Mariano Once Again

I thought I had looked at the cast for the 22nd season of Survivor Redemption Island. At that point in time among the list of island castaways all were new to Survivor.

But now, I'm appalled to find that Boston Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz are going to be on Survivor once again.

I find both to be amusing, but, having this pair on Survivor yet one more time just seems wrong. This will be Rob's 4th time on Survivor and Russell's 3rd attempt to win the million $ and title of Sole Survivor.

This pair was last on Survivor on the Heroes vs. Villains iteration. Both were Villains. They tangled. Russell got the better of Rob, blindsiding the smug Rob and booting him out of the tribe.

This time the pair will be on opposing teams.

I think I read that the Hidden Immunity Idol will not be part of Redemption Island. Finding Hidden Immunity Idols is Russell's special gift. It will be slightly amusing to see if Russell tries to master the one part of the game he has failed at, twice, miserably. That being the social part. I doubt Russell will be able to function in a way that does not annoy people.

With so many people trying to get on Survivor, it just seems wrong to keep having repeats, like Russell and Rob.

But, I likely will be watching.

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