Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Bachelor's Brad Womack's Previous Name & Criminal History

That is a mugshot of Brad Womack, taken in November of 2009, after his first failed search for a wife on The Bachelor. I do not know what Brad did this time that warranted a mugshot.

Previously, way back in 1993, back when Brad Womack went by the name of Bradley Stephan Pickelsimer, Pickelsimer was arrested on a forgery charge, due to being in possession of a counterfeit driver's license. In other brushes with the law Pickelsimer/Womack found himself busted for passing a bad check and for public intoxication.

Forgery is a felony, which brought Brad a $200 fine and 180 days of probation. To this day Womack has to check in with the Texas state agency which tracks convicted criminals.

The Womack criminal history does not seem all that bad to me. And I can sort of understand  why someone might want to change their last name from Pickelsimer.

Of all the Reality TV Shows that I watch, I least understand why I waste time on The Bachelor.

It is so strange watching all these strange women get so twisted up over a guy they've barely met. And those dates he talks them on, either solo, or in groups, are so ridiculous, for the most part.

Rappelling off a Los Angeles skyscraper? If someone I barely knew took me on a helicopter ride to the top of a building to rappel down to a swimming pool and dinner, well, I'd take the elevator and call a taxi and get out of there.

And why does Womack jump in a pool with his clothes on over and over again? And how is it that these people always have their swimming suits and changes of clothes with them?

And do none of these women find Womack to be a rather wooden bore?

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