Friday, January 21, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Ends On a Low Note With Kyle Screaming & Kim in Tears

Well, the first season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is now history.


We still have the two part Reunion to "fight" through.

I found watching these housewives both amusing and annoying.

As in some of them are very annoying housewives. And in a different way of being annoying than annoying housewives on some of the other Bravo Real Housewives franchises.

I think it was the extreme shallowness of so much of some of these BH Housewives lives that annoyed me. To live such privileged existences and then to spend your time on such petty personal bickering is a sad sad thing.

Of the BH Housewives I liked Lisa VanderPump and Adrienne Maloof the best. With Adrienne seeming, by far, to be the most grounded and normal of the group.

My opinion of Lisa slightly altered in the final episode. Why is it that that strange upset in New York City can not just be forgotten? It really was a big brouhaha about nothing. Why did Lisa feel she needed to get to the bottom of it? To get the "truth" out of Taylor. Why did it matter so much to Lisa? To the point that Lisa had deduced that it was Taylor who had triggered Camille into the outburst in New York that so dominated the weeks that followed.

It was Lisa who caused Taylor to confront Kim at Taylor's birthday party ahout what was really said about Camille during some airport or airplane conversation. It all seems so trivial and inconsequential it is hard to remember what these Housewives are all twisted up about.

So, at Taylor's birthday party, Kim is a bit drunk. Does not take well to Taylor confronting her. Soon it escalates, til all the Housewives are putting on a Shouting Show for the party guests, to the amusement and befuddlement of their husbands.

Again, it seemed Adrienne was the only adult in the group.

Kim left, somehow ended up in a limo with that creepy Brit guy who Lisa keeps trying to hook her up with. Then Adrienne gets in the limo to conduct a therapy session. And then Kyle gets in the limo and soon the interior of the limo exploded into Kyle F-bombing Kim and eventually dropping the shocking, shocking, I tell you, revelation that Kim is an alcoholic.

Which apparently is true, due to the fact that soon after this incident Kim Richards spent a week in alcoholic treatment rehab type center.

I really don't get how these Housewives can be so fabulously wealthy, living in such fabulous homes, driving such fabulous cars, or being chauffeured in fabulous limousines to fabulous parties and other fabulous events and yet somehow can not simply enjoy their fabulous lives and instead wallow around like low-class, un-educated, trashy miscreants with bad manners.

For the most part.

And another thing, I was late to the Beverly Hills Housewives, finally starting to watch about 8 episodes ago when one of The Real Housewives of Camano Island, Carlotta Del Rio, told me I was missing some good stuff. Including this character named Camille.

At that point in time I did not realize Camille was the wife of Kelsey Grammer. And I had trouble understanding the high level of contempt Camille was held in by viewers. Eventually I sort of got it. But then, by the end, I sort of actually like Camille. It is Kyle who seems a villain to me, more than Camille.

But, really, all these Housewives should learn it is a wise thing to listen to what Adrienne is saying.

And one more thing, regarding Kim Richards. On the Watch What Happens Live episode which followed the RHOBH finale, Adrienne and Taylor were Andy's guests. At some point someone asked if anyone knew what Kim's source of income was. No one knew, with Adrienne properly opining it was no one's business.

Which had me a bit curious about Kim Richards. From the Wikipedia article about Kim I was surprised to learn how extensive Kim's TV and movie career has been. Much more extensive than sister Kyle.

I also learned from whence Kim's children came. She's been married twice. First to G. Monty Brinson, having one daughter, Brooke, from that assignation. Then in 1991 Kim was engaged to a commodities salesman named John J. Collett who was murdered by a hit man. Kim then married someone named Gregory Davis, with whom she had Whitney and Chad. Both marriages ended in divorce. At some point in time Kim had another daughter, Kimberly, courtesy of ex boyfriend John Jackson.

I was unable to learn at what point in time Kim took to the bottle to help soothe her many sorrows.

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