Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tidbits About The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Is there anything that is not covered by Wikipedia?

Wikipedia has an interesting entry about The Real Housewives of Atlanta with several tidbits worth noting.

Three of the Atlanta Housewives have their own separate Wikipedia articles, ironically these three are three of the Atlanta Housewives who have no husband, Sheree Whitfield, Kim Zolciak and Kandi Burruss.

So, what are some of the interesting tidbits I gleaned from Wikipedia?

Sheree Whitfield

Until some time in 2006 Sheree Whitfield ran a fancy Atlanta boutique called Bella Azul. Sheree got a $1.1 million divorce settlement from the NFL's Bob Whitfield. In the divorce Sheree's lawyer claimed Sheree's "limited education and inability to earn an income" caused her a severe disadvantage. After the divorce Sheree was evicted, by court order, from her home in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Kim Zolciak

In the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta we heard Kim referred to as being 32 years old. In reality Kim Zolciak was born on May 19, 1968, which makes Kim 42 years old. Which seems a lot more believable than 32. Kim is now pregnant courtesy of 25 year old Atlanta Falcons footballer Troy Biermann.

Linnethia "NeNe" Leakes

NeNe was evicted from the rental home we saw her living in during the first season of RHOA. That house was not in Atlanta, instead was a 40 minute drive northeast of Atlanta in something called the Sugarloaf gated community. NeNe was evicted by her landlord, Winwood Properties, after a court filing in the magistrate court of Gwinnett County claimed NeNe's husband, Greg, owed $6,240 in past due rent.

Kandi Burruss

Kandi was the first African-American woman to win ASCAP's songwriter of the year award. The father of Kandi's precocious daughter,  Riley, is Kandi's ex-boyfriend, Russell Spencer of Block Entertainment.

Phaedra Parks

Phaedra's husband, Apollo Nida was convicted of racketeering. Apollo began serving his 18 year sentence on July 28, 2004. Almost 5 years later Apollo was paroled on May 27, 2009. Apollo married Phaedra on November 1, 2009. In May of 2010, Phaedra somehow managed to give birth to a full term baby, Ayden Adonia Nida, after cooking him in her baby oven for only 7 months. According to Phaedra.

Cynthia Bailey

Nothing all that remarkable in the Wikipedia mention of Cynthia, besides the remarkable fact that she had the gumption and confidence to take off from Tuscumbia, Alabama to seek her future in modeling in New York City, with nothing on her resume besides being her high school's Homecoming Queen and being in a few beauty pageants.

Lisa Wu-Hartwell

Lisa's past scandals have long been gossip fodder. Lisa has been known by several names, such as Sharon Millette Wu, Sharon Lisa Sweat, and Lisa Wu-Sweat. Lisa had two sons and two daughters with ex-husband Keith Sweat. Lisa does not have custody of the 4 kids she had with Keith Sweat.

DeShawn Snow

DeShawn lasted only the first season of RHOA. I suspect she was not asked back due to the fact that she was kind of boring. DeShawn claims the show's producers told her she was "too human for a circus show." During DeShawn's brief time on RHOA we met her husband, a tall NBA star named Eric Snow. They seemed like a happy couple, having started being a couple way back in their impoverished school years. So, it was a bit of a surprise to read that Eric filed for divorce from DeShawn on February 19, 2010. He probably got bored too.

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