Saturday, January 29, 2011

Beverly Hills Housewife Husband Paul Nassif Calls 911 For Charlie Sheen

I don't believe we've seen Adrienne Maloof's and Dr. Paul Nassif's kids on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Or was that their kids in their dad's office getting shown how dad uses a computer to do plastic surgery?

That is Adrienne and Paul and their 3 kids in the picture.

I digress from my intended subject.

So, I was a little surprised to read that the Maloof-Nassif family is the next door neighbor of CBS bad boy, Charlie Sheen.

And that it was Paul Nassif who was the 911 caller who summoned help when his neighbor, Charlie, was drunk and suffering bad stomach pains.

Adrienne and Paul released a statement to the press regarding Charlie, saying, "We are so glad that Charlie made the decision to seek the assistance of a rehabilitation center today. This is something that his friends and family have pushed for, and we wish him all the love and support he will need in the coming days."

This is the first time this year that production on TV's #1 sit-com, Two and a Half Men, has had to come to a stop due to Charlie Sheen checking into a rehab facility. This is the 3rd time in 3 months Charlie Sheen has needed to check in to a hospital.

The character of Charlie Sheen, the person, seems to be very much like the character, Charlie Harper, he plays on Two and a Half Men. Charlie Harper is often drunk, is not averse to drugs, is a womanizer and has been known to hire a hooker or two.

Charlie Sheen, the person, in recent times has been in the news for leaving a New York City hotel torn up, with Charlie in such bad condition he had to be hospitalized. Last summer Charlie plead guilty to assaulting his wife in Aspen, Colorado. And earlier this month Charlie was in the news for some wild partying in Las Vegas.

I will never understand why so many people with charmed lives get themselves so messed up. I like to think if I lived a charmed life, which I don't, that I would find myself enjoying it. Not getting stoned, drunk, violent and requiring my neighbors to call 911 to help me.

But, it would be interesting if I found myself suddenly leading a charmed life and finding myself succumbing to temptations that currently do not tempt me. Somehow I can't see myself tearing up a hotel room. Or assaulting my wife. Or hiring a hooker. I might get drunk, though.

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