Monday, January 31, 2011

The Bachelor's Michelle Money's Affair with Chicago Bull Boozer

That is Michelle Money and Carlos Boozer in the picture. Michelle is currently trying to convince Brad Womack to marry her on The Bachelor.

Michelle Money.

I've never heard of anyone named Money before. I've heard of boozers before, but never anyone named Boozer.

Every iteration of the Bachelor and Bachelorette that I have watched has had at least one villain or nutcase among the love seekers. Sometimes it will be a person who is both a villain and who seems to be a bit of a nutcase.

That would seem to be the case with Michelle Money. A villain and a nutcase.

Ms. Money told Life & Style Magazine that she had an affair with Chicago Bull basketballer, Carlos Boozer, back when he was #6 for the Utah Jazz.

Ms. Money told Life & Style, “Yes, I was in a relationship with Carlos while he was still married. What I did was wrong,”

Apparently Michelle is well known in Salt Lake City. She claims Mr. Boozer told her he was separated when they began their affair. However it was not til March of 2009 that Boozer filed for divorce. And then, 3 months after that, the Boozer/Money Affair ended.

Life & Style may say Boozer filed for divorce in 2009, but the Salt Lake Tribune reported that divorce proceedings got underway in August of 2010. So, there is speculation that Boozer got back with the wife after he dumped the Money girl.

I think Michelle Money would be an excellent match for Brad Womack.

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