Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Real Housewives of Bravo on Facebook

Real Housewives on Facebook
I was reading various comments in various places about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

One of those various comments mentioned the comments as being over the top unmerciful regarding the repulsive lying behavior of the widow Taylor Armstrong on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Facebook page.

I did not know the Housewives were on Facebook.

The latest episode with the limo ride to Adrienne's fashion/shoe show with Taylor and Russell discussing Camille's supposed bad behavior towards Taylor, is causing a lot of commentary.

Then Kyle and Mauricio get in the limo. Kyle brings up the Camille situation, quickly realizing she'd just opened a can of worms. Taylor is squirming as Russell puts puzzled looks on Kyle and Mauricio's faces when he says that Camille had no saying right to say such lies. Or something like that.

Camille's crime against Taylor had been to suggest that Taylor was making up the stories about Russell beating her. All the housewives had become skeptical. So, when Russell said Camille was lying, he clearly had not been told an accurate accounting by his demented wife of what had actually been said.

All the housewives on the various Bravo housewives show have blogs on the Bravo website.

Go here for the Beverly Hills Housewive's Bravo blogs.

Bravo seems to moderate the comments on the blogs and weeds out the snarkier remarks. Currently Adrienne is taking a drubbing due to her being miffed at Lisa. There are 102 comments mostly chastising Adrienne. Lisa got around to blogging today. So far no one has commented.

Meanwhile on the Beverly Hills Housewive's Facebook page there seems to be no moderating going on. With 100s of comments. Adrienne is also taking a drubbing on Facebook. But it is Taylor who gets the most disgust directed at her.

Go here for the RHOBH Facebook page.

You will find links on the RHOBH Facebook page to the other Housewive's Facebook pages, like The Real Housewives of New York City where you can read the despicable Jill Zarin getting a good drubbing.

The previews for next week's Beverly Hills drama look rather crazy. Again it is Taylor, having what appears to be a violent fit at that Malibu Brandi party we heard mention made of this week.

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