Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dancing With The Stars With Hope Solo & Maks Last While Bruce Jenner Sports His Updated Aged Lesbian Look

That's a screencap off my TV from last night's Dancing with the Stars.

Bruce Jenner on the left, wife Kris Kardashian on the right.

When I Googled "Bruce Jenner's Old Lesbian Look" looking for an image, before I gave up, I read in more than one location that those awful Kardashian girls did a makeover of their step-dad, modernizing his hairstyle, which is an improvement, and adding diamond stud earrings, which look ridiculous on a man in his 7th decade.

When Bruce Jenner was on I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here we learned he was a a bit of a dimbulb, prone to repeating himself. I don't get why someone like Bruce Jenner does not just allow himself to age normally. Let the hair go gray, knock off the botox, or whatever it was that was done to his face.

I know it's a rude thing to say, but I agree with what I read someone say on Survivor Sucks, that being that Bruce Jenner nowadays looks like an aged lesbian spinster and wife Kris looks more macho than he does. Maybe Bruce needs a testosterone boost.

Anyway, regarding last night's Dancing with the Stars semi-finals, down to only 4 pseudo stars remaining, with one to be eliminated tonight, I made a lot of use of the fast forward button.

There were long filmed spots spotlighting sad sob sister stories of each of the "stars."

The only sad sob sister stories I listened at all to were Ricki Lake's and Rob Kardashian's. Ricki's was actually a real sad sob sister story. I've always liked Ricki Lake.

I don't know what Hope Solo's sad sob sister story was. Maybe hers was being picked on by the DWTS's judges.

Hope came in last place last night, by quite a margin. I thought she did well, but those who judge, did not.

I've been at this point in Dancing with the Stars before, where I quit watching. I'm likely at that point now. I don't care who wins that coveted disco ball trophy.

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