Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Taylor Armstrong Is Crazy Chief Creative Director Of BeautyTicket.com

Taylor Armstrong in Heavily Retouched Photo
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues to deliver on the drama. Mostly courtesy of the widow Armstrong.

On the latest episode Taylor Armstrong seems to have crossed into Kelly Bensimon delusional level of crazy territory.

Last week Taylor went to Lisa's daughter, Pandora's, over the top engagement party. This week Taylor did not invite Lisa to some lunch deal where Taylor was nominated for some award somehow related to a job we previously had not heard about, that being Taylor being Chief Creative Director for a website called BeautyTicket.com.

After Taylor did not invite Lisa to her award lunch, Lisa then invited all the housewives, including Taylor, but not including Brandi and Dana, over to her house for a tea party. Very British.

It was at Lisa's tea party that Taylor unleashed a Bensimon-level of offputting crazy. I found it both entertaining and sort of discomforting to watch. Eventually Taylor stormed out and ran into Adrienne's husband Paul at the gate to Lisa's property. Taylor then proceeded to do what she was accusing the others, well, Lisa of doing, that is gossiping behind their backs. Paul was trapped.

Eventually Taylor rejoined the tea party so she could deliver a message from Paul to Adrienne. Soon the housewives were verbalizing having had enough of Taylor's contradictory behavior, with new fan favorite, Camille, delivering the best blows.

To be continued next week.

Moving on to BeautyTicket.com. Is this website still employing Taylor? I can't see how she could possibly be good for business. Then again, the below excerpt from the BeautyTicket.com website seems about as delusional as Taylor....

Taylor Armstrong is a Mother and Entrepreneur with a variety of business ventures in Southern California. Originally an Oklahoma native, she moved to Beverly Hills to fulfill her goal of owning her own company. She is also featured on the Bravo TV reality series, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Taylor’s true passion is charity, especially efforts that support women and children. 

Taylor is not just a beauty; she has brains too and is passionate about both her business and philanthropic work. She founded her own firm, eImplement Inc. and also volunteers for the 1736 Family Crisis Center. Taylor enjoys the chic lifestyle Beverly Hills has to offer but doesn’t elude to the fact that "beautiful women are a dime a dozen." Even though she has adapted well to the luxurious lifestyle Beverly Hills offers, she has the "work hard, play hard" attitude that has enabled her to maintain her own identity. 

When asked about her involvement, Taylor remarked: “I am very impressed with the business model of BeautyTicket.com. I look forward to collaborating with the founders to further develop and grow the budget-savvy, premium beauty portal. It’s exciting to be working alongside a group of female entrepreneurs, and I know that women everywhere will be thrilled with what we have planned for the future.” 

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