Monday, November 28, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Dangling Jewels Are Ridickulous

Kandi & Her Mom, Joyce Reacting to Ridickulous
Well, the Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to deliver some ridiculous entertainment.

Bravo's title for Sunday's night's latest episode was...

Jewels Be Dangled
Episode 4: Kandi gets a very, um, big surprise for her birthday...It's Ridickulous!

Before we saw the jewels dangling we saw that Peter had a $40,000 check from an investor bounce on him. Before that check bounced we saw an angry confrontation between Peter and his wife, Cynthia's sister, Mal. We also saw Mal verbalized concerns that Cynthia would blow her own money, again on Peter's latest venture. Another bar.

Sheree took Phaedra the lawyer along for a confrontation with the guy who is building Sheree's new house. On the interwebs there a quite a few people mystified as to where Sheree acquired the money to build Chateau Sheree.

Before we saw the dangling jewels we saw Kim and Kroy get a lesson from a baby specialist on how to diaper a freshly circumcised baby boy. Kim was quite squeamish with worry about a baby boy's penis.

Kim's penis concerns were not the only penis concerns on this episode.

Which leads us to the dangling jewels.

Kandi gave herself a 35th birthday party on the roof top of a nice place in the downtown Atlanta zone.

The Blurred Out Part That Makes the Man
Earlier Phaedra had said she would have a really big birthday surprise for Kandi. The dignified birthday party was well underway when Phaedra wheeled in a big box. Kandi opened the big box to find one of Phaedra's clients, an infamous stripper who calls himself Ridickulous. Get it?


The stripper began doing his thing. Clothes were coming off. Looks of horror played across the faces of those watching, with the most horrified seeming to be Kandi's mom, Joyce, and NeNe.

Phaedra had a lot of face time making comments on what we were seeing on this episode, many of them  very amusing, none of which I remember.

Except for a comment, in a Phaedra confessional, where she informed us that Ridickulous had (paraphrasing in my words) at talent for naturally Viagra-izing himself. And then performing a pleasuring operation on himself.

Then we cut back to the party action to see the party guests recoil in even more horror as Ridickulous demonstrated his special skill.

Can't you get arrested for such a thing at an outdoor party?

Many guests got up and left, including Kandi's mom, who was quite vocal about her disgust.

Kandi seemed not to think anything was wrong regarding this particular party favor. Phaedra seemed a bit embarrassed. Maybe.

I was just grateful this was on BRAVO and not HBO or Showtime, where there likely would have been no blurring of the naughty bits.

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