Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Night of Beauty Where We Learn What Drugs Kim is Taking

Pre-Procedure Kim Richards
No, that is not Beverly Hills Housewife Kim Richard's face after sniffing some contraband substance into her nose.

What that white substance is is a perfectly legal ointment of the pre-surgical sort, administered by Adrienne's plastic surgeon doctor husband, Paul, at Paul's "Night of Beauty," where he tried to drum up some business for his practice by treating the Beverly Hills Housewives to some touch-ups.

Kim's sister Kyle opted for some laser octopus procedure in the hope it would vanquish her love handles and what she refers to as her "muffin top." I think "muffin top" means fat lower back.

I don't remember if Camille showed up for any work at Paul's "Night of Beauty." Camille seems perfect, to me, just the way she is. I know Brandi did not show up. Lisa did, but opted just to watch because she had to go to work and did not want to frighten her customers by looking all puffed up and burnt.

The most interesting part of Paul's "Night of Beauty" was the, what seemed to be a sort of staged, pre-op scene with Kim, in which Paul does a medical uptake with Kim to determine what meds she might be on that might conflict with whatever beauty meds Paul might have to administer to give Kim her "Night of Beauty."

Paul seemed to have a very good bedside manner, whilst talking to Kim. During this talk Kim revealed she is taking Topiramate, Trazadone and Lexapro. Paul then informed us that taking these meds can cause the patient to present the symptoms of a slurring, dizzy drunk.

So, now we finally had an explanation for Kim's slurring, dizzy drunk behavior.

Paul told Kim that these meds do not mix well with booze and asked Kim if she'd consumed any alcohol while on these meds. Kim claimed she has been booze free.

Topiramte (brand name Topamax) is an anti-convulsant (anti-epilepsy) drug. Have we been informed, previously that Kim is epileptic or prone to convulsions? Among the side effects to this med are memory problems, confusion and psychomotor slowing.

Trazadone and Lexapro are anti-depressants of the serotonin reuptake inhibitor class.

I've known a nutjob who took Lexapro along with a cocktail of other prescription meds. She was a way bigger mess than Kim.

Actually, Kim was seeming like the sane one of the group in the latest episode. Bailing on Kyle's silly "Psychic Party" in order to do something construction, like pack for a move.

When Kyle showed up at Kim's, near the end of the episode, with Kim finally telling Kyle she's been seeing someone, for a year, and was moving in with him, Kim seemed the rational, adult in the moment. While Kyle was the self-absorbed child, making it all about her. Why could Kyle simply not just be supportive and choose to believe this was a good thing, until, or if, shown otherwise?

Kyle's weird need to have Kim closer, at the same time Kyle's behaviors seem to be rather alienating, is very strange to watch. And where is big sister Kathy? The mother of niece Paris Hilton? Doesn't Kathy live in Beverly Hills? Does Kathy, with very good reason, have very little to do with Kyle? And Kim?

Changing the subject to that contrived seance at Kyle's house. Methinks in Beverly Hills it would be very easy to run a seance con job operation. It seems as if it would not be very difficult to get little nuggets of info on these women, which,  they, apparently, are easily conned into believing you are divining the info from beyond the grave.

Changing the subject from Kyle's seance to Camille Grammer. Ex-husband Kelsey trying to get sole custody of Camille's kids is such a bad boy behavior. I know Kelsey has millions of fans. But, there are several million watching Camille on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills amusingly, and somewhat vindictively, giving Kelsey a well-deserved bitch slap.

Courtesy of Camille we now know Kelsey was not very blessed in the lovemaker department, has interesting choices in outerwear and sometimes likes to go both directions on a swing.

And then there is Taylor. What a piece of work. I'm glad Paul was able to do some more beauty work on her. I wish he'd enlarged Taylor's lips a bit more. Taylor and deceased husband, Russell, thinking Lisa is the source of tabloid gossip about them is so pathetic. Taylor whining that Lisa is telling people she has no friends is also so pathetic.

And next week's preview, that showed the housewives confronting Taylor about Taylor telling the girls that Russell beats her, looks to be epic.

I watch too many CSI type TV shows. Which has long had me wondering if there is an ongoing investigation into Russell's apparent suicide? It seems way more likely, to me, that Taylor would be the one who might administer a beating, than Russell, who never has evidenced the slightest semblance of a temper, on screen. Something that can not be said of Taylor, who seems to have a very short fuse.

I am being a bit surprised at how much of the Taylor/Russell story is being shown. I somehow thought it was going to be mostly edited out.

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