Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Amazing Race Striking Muscle Poses in Brussels Belgium

Bill & Cathi in Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Bikinis
I wonder how many viewers of The Amazing Race CBS loses due to football games causing the show not to start on time?

I have my DVR set to record for 3 hours from the scheduled start time of The Amazing Race.

I did not get around to watching the latest episode til after watching Dancing with the Stars.

This was a strange episode of The Amazing Race.

Ernie & Cindy dropping their train tickets, which caused a lot of angst which turned out to be wasted angst when they did not get asked to show their tickets.

Putting a puzzle together on spinning teacups in Legoland. I think that was in Denmark. Sandy of Jeremy & Sandy did not take well to all that spinning.

Am I remembering right? Were there no Roadblocks, no Detours, this episode? The spinning teacups was a task that both team members participated in.

As was the bizarre muscle posing task.

The inspiration for the muscle posing was because they were in Brussels, Belgium, hometown of the Muscles from Brussels, Jean Claude Van Damme.

This was the skimpiest task, clothing-wise, since Roadblock runners ran in their underwear on a Russian town's streets.

Bill & Cathi, at 62, were the oldest team to pose in the itsy bitsy teeny weeny posing bikinis. Cathi seemed a bit mortified.

And then there was the slightly chunky Amani of Amani & Marcus. She said she'd never been in a bikini ever. However, Amani & Marcus did the posing real well, the first team to get the requisite 12 points and a clue pointing them to the Pit Stop.

A Pit Stop where they learned they were in 1st place and that they were still racing, with the screen announcing the dreaded "To Be Continued..."

Ernie & Cindy had also successfully completed their poses and were on their way to the Pit Stop, ready to stop for the day, very tired. We'll get to see Ernie & Cindy make it to the Pit Stop next Sunday.

Meanwhile back at the muscle posing, Bill & Cathi and Andy & Tommy are having a hard time of it. Andy & Tommy got lower scores on their second attempt than their first.

I was sort of expecting Andy & Tommy to take a penalty and sit out this muscle posing in skimpy skivvies task due to some fundamentalist dogma of some sort. Andy & Tommy weren't happy about it, both the skimpy skivvies and the fake tanning and oiling each other up part of the task. But, apparently, eventually, Andy & Tommy prevail with the posing, because they were in the previews for next week.

But, there was no sign of Bill & Cathi in next week's episode preview.

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