Monday, November 7, 2011

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 4 Premiere Delivers Some Amusing Entertainment

Season 4 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta started up Sunday. The first episodes of this season's Real New York City and Beverly Hills Housewive's new seasons did not deliver, with the RHONY wives starting off being really annoying and really not stopping being really annoying all season long.


The first episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta delivered, instantly re-hooking me into wanting to watch these ladies and their antics.

I somehow thought after NeNe's embarrassing fail on the Celebrity Apprentice, and watching herself embarrassingly fail, that NeNe might tone down that which makes NeNe come across as an overbearing loud bully. Last season's first episode had NeNe yelling, like a crazed banshee, at Dwight. This season's first episode had NeNe yelling like a  crazed banshee at Sheree.

I really could not understand what the beef was between NeNe and Sheree. In the midst of it NeNe was claiming to now be rich, due to cashing checks from Mr. Donald Trump. Sheree countered by reminding NeNe of the bad dental work she had when she first appeared in Atlanta. And that her vehicle had been repossessed at Home Depot.

When these women go into loud yell mode I have trouble understanding the version of English that they speak.

Before we heard NeNe yelling at Sheree we saw her take her deadbeat son, Bryson, or whatever his name is, to buy a new car. He'd wrecked his previous car. NeNe had given up on her deadline for the son to get a job and his own place to live and was now employing him to do errands for her, now that she is super rich from all those checks from Mr. Donald Trump.

In the first season of RHOA we saw NeNe and her then not estranged husband, Greg, take Bryson to buy a new car for him for his high school graduation present. That car must have been repossessed. And then he got another one that he wrecked.

So, NeNe wrote a check, paying cash, for a new car for her deadbeat son.

Phaedra delivered once again. After having a fun experience helping with her aunt's funeral, Phaedra has decided that undertaking will be her new undertaking. When Phaedra informed her husband, Apollo, that undertaking is a family business and he'd be expected to help, he did not seem too thrilled.

And then there is Kandi. She is now an Intimate Luxury Specialist, working towards selling her own line of high end adult toys. Including musical vibrators that play tunes Kandi has written, with the musical vibrators vibrating in sync with the tune. I was more than a little appalled that, as Sheree and Phaedra looked over some of Kandi's potential products, that one of them which baffled that pair, I knew how it was used.

Cynthia is opening the Bailey Modeling Agency to turn Atlanta into a world fashion mecca. A funny guy/girl, famous, I guess, in the modeling world, named, I think, Miss Jay, showed Cynthia's girls how to correctly work the runway. It was amusing. I like Cynthia.

Sheree did not seem to have a lot going on. She informed us she has been busy with her acting career. No mention made of her clothes line called She by Sheree.

And now that leaves my favorite of the Atlanta ladies.

Kim Zolciak.

Heavy with the incoming baby boy, brought courtesy of her assignation with fooballer, Kroy Biermann, Kim appears to have given up smoking and drinking wine. Kim and Kroy, Kim's girls and the incoming baby boy are in the process of moving to a massive mansion.

We saw Kroy doing a lot of heavy lifting, helping with the moving process. Kroy is only 25 years old. I think Kim must be in her 40s. Kim is one very lucky girl. Good fortune seems to fall her way quite easily. I hope it lasts.

There is a cute new addition to the Kim family. A little dog. Much cuter than Lisa Vanderpump's Giggy.

Of the Atlanta housewives the only dark negative hole of Jill Zarinesque-ness is NeNe. Among the Atlanta girls there is no mental ill creepy girl ala Kelly Bensimon. No dead humorless weight, like Cindy Barshop.

But, I can't imagine the Atlanta housewives without NeNe, as overbearingly annoying as she can be. The poor girl seems to have deluded herself to believe that all who find her a bit much are simply jealous of her stunning success and great wealth due to all those checks from Mr. Donald Trump. Those who don't care for NeNe's antics she calls "haters."

I don't care for NeNe's antics. But I don't hate her. I sort of feel sorry for her.

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