Thursday, November 3, 2011

Survivor's Ethan Zohn's Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer Has Returned

Jenna Morasca & Ethan Zohn
I may have not liked Survivor winners, Ethan Zohn & Jenna Morasca, taking a slot on the current season of Amazing Race.

I may have liked it when Ethan & Jenna were the first team to be eliminated from the race.

I was surprised to see a headline this morning that told me that Ethan Zohn's cancer has returned. Ethan had been in his 20th month of remission from Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Ethan learned on September 14 that the cancer had returned to his chest, the lung area specifically.

Jenna was at Ethan's side when he got the bad news.

On October 18 Ethan began a new form of chemotherapy called SGN-35, which only targets the cancer cells. Which means this time Ethan won't lose his hair.

After 12 weeks of chemotherapy Ethan will undergo a stem-cell transplant, getting the stem-cells from one of his brothers.

Even though he is in the midst of being treated for cancer, again, Ethan is going to run in the New York City Marathon on November 6, raising money for his Grassroot Soccer charity.

I may not have wanted Ethan & Jenna to win the Amazing Race, but I definitely hope Ethan wins his latest battle with cancer.

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