Monday, November 7, 2011

The Amazing Race in Malawi with Andy & Tommy 1st Again After Ernie & Cindy Don't U-Turn Them With Justin & Jennifer Eliminated

Andy & Tommy Beating Ernie & Cindy
Watching Sunday night's race to be first to the Pit Stop on The Amazing Race I thought to myself "What would Jesus do?"

Andy & Tommy, who we learned in the previous two episodes of AR, wear their Christian beliefs quite vociferously on their sleeves, seemed to choose greed over an act of grateful, graceful kindness.

Ernie & Cindy had used their Express Pass after not having a lot of luck paddling a wooden dugout on Lake Malawi in Malawi. At the Jamaica Cafe spot where their clue to the Pit Stop was to be acquired, Ernie & Cindy were first to the Double U-Turn. Even though they knew Andy & Tommy were close behind them, they opted out of using the U-Turn to block Andy & Tommy, the use of which would have guaranteed Ernie & Cindy a 1st place finish and what turned out to be a big money prize of $30,000. (Correction: Kris corrects my bad memory, telling me it was $15K not $30K)

It was Justin & Jennifer who came in last and were eliminated. They are a nice brother/sister team. But, Jennifer messed up real bad at the Roadblock. She successfully pedaled a bike, with a rider holding a fish, got paid, but because she left the clue with her brother she did not know what to do. So, she stood. And stood. And stood. I think she stood for an awful long time. Finally she pedaled back to her brother to learn that is what she should have done upon getting paid, because that was where she got the next clue.

Amani & Marcus took a long while to solve a frustrating Speed Bump puzzle. Once that was accomplished Marcus zoomed through delivering his fish. If I remember right they went from last to coming in 3rd. Amani & Marcus were the only team to choose the Unload the Boat detour option, while all other teams chose the Dugout Canoe Course option on Lake Malawi.

The oldest team in the race, Bill & Cathi, known as Ma & Pa, continue to do real well. They stay calm and are in really good shape. They don't bicker. Unlike Jeremy & Sandy. Sandy sort of annoys me with her "stop yelling at me" complaints, when Jeremy is not actually yelling. I've known personalities like Sandy's and I've found them to be very difficult.

Supposedly Laurence & Zac make their living on boats. But, paddling a canoe seemed to baffle them Laurence in one super annoying overbearing dad. I don't think either of them are very bright. Amani & Marcus were leaving the Jamaica Cafe Double U-Turn location just as Laurence & Zac arrived, passing them at the entry.

Laurence & Zac then came to the Double U-Turn and without a moment's hesitation, Laurence said we choose to U-Turn Amani & Marcus. It was bizarre.

I really do no like the U-Turn and Double U-Turn gimmick. It needs to go. It is too drastic. A team getting U-Turned might as well just give up.

I found landlocked Malawi to be very interesting. Lake Malawi is the third largest lake in Africa and the 8th biggest in the world.

So far I think my favorite racers are Ma & Pa and Ernie & Cindy. I don't think Ernie has it in his DNA to lose his temper.


Kris said...

The money prize was actually $15,000. Phil specified that it was $7,500 apiece. But I agree about the U turns. Too harsh. How about a short(ish) time penalty instead? And after last night's preview it looks like Andy and Tommy's selfish act at the mat just might come back to bite them in the form of a U turn. We shall see...

Durango TV said...

Thanks for the correction. I was wondering if I was remembering that prize amount correctly.