Sunday, December 4, 2011

Top Chef Texas Last Chance Kitchen Won This Week By Chuy

I am enjoying Top Chef Texas.

Top Chef is making Texas look pretty appealing. That is until this week's move from San Antonio to Dallas where the chefs went to 3 homes in Highland Park to cook a Progressive Dinner for what appeared to be Bravo's future The Real Housewives of Dallas.

Top Chef Texas has added a twist called Redemption Island, I mean Last Chance Kitchen.

In Last Chance Kitchen a chef, who Padma has told to pack his or her knives and go, returns to the homebase to find a note from Tom instructing the chef to return to the kitchen for a last chance.

Big Keith Rhodes had won 2 Last Chances. This week he was up against this week's bootee, Chuy Valencia. Chuy & Keith had to butcher some beef to Tom's satisfaction and also cook one of the steaks, also to Tom's satisfaction.

Tom liked Chuy's best. To watch Last Chance Kitchen you have to go to the Bravo website. Or you can watch it below.

At the Bravo website you can also watch casting videos of the Chefs. That is Chuy in his audition video in the picture above.

I'd been reading viewers comment about how obnoxious Chuy is in his audition video, which seemed surprising due to the fact that Chuy has been pretty much likable on the show. I have now watched Chuy's casting video. I now understand why viewers found it obnoxious.

Among the many moments in Chuy's audition video that are a bit cringe worthy was the moment when he informed us that he had been "banging about 10 different chicks every 2 weeks." And then stopped with that incessant banging when he had a STD/Pregnancy scare.

I think Chuy may suffer from little man syndrome. He is very tiny. You can watch Chuy win Last Chance Kitchen below (click this week's video to go to the bigger screen Bravo version of Last Chance Kitchen)...

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