Sunday, December 11, 2011

On The Amazing Race Ernie & Cindy Win the Million First to Finish in Atlanta

The moment when Phil told Ernie & Cindy they had won
The Amazing Race
Tonight's final leg of the latest Amazing Race was one of the best finishes I remember.

Not in the close race to the finish type good finish. But in there was no possible villain team in the final 3, type good finish. That and the final challenges were not too ridiculous.

I was good with Ernie & Cindy or Marcus & Armani or Jeremy & Sandy winning.

When we learned in Panama City that the final destination city was Atlanta, hometown of Marcus & Armani, all presumed this gave them a big advantage.

No one, at that point in time knew they would be having to fly a flight simulator. With Marcus repeatedly going off the runway. This soon knocked Marcus & Armani out of the race.

The next clue told teams to find the residence known as The Dump. Ernie & Cindy had some Google help to find out it was the house where Margaret Mitchell wrote Gone With The Wind. Ernie & Sandy were told by a local that The Dump was a Home Depot. Which, it was, but not The Dump they were looking for.

Jeremy & Sandy spent a long time in the wrong dump, before they figured out they needed to find a different dump.

The Dump was a Roadblock. Typing out a couple sentences on the type typewriter Margaret Mitchell used, correctly got them their next clue. The wrinkle was having to figure out what key to use to make up for the missing number 1 key.

Ernie was amusing with the typing. I don't think we saw Ernie even remotely lose his temper the entire race.

Ernie & Cindy were long gone from Margaret Mitchell's house before Jeremy & Sandy arrived.

The clue from Margaret Mitchell's house was 3 numbers. I think the first of which was Hank Aaron's jersey number, the second was the number of home runs he hit to break Babe Ruth's record, with the third being the year he hit that record, something like 45-705-74. I may be way off with those numbers.

Ernie & Cindy used Googling to figure out it had to do with Hank Aaron and then quickly figured out they needed to go to Turner Field. Once there is was a big map challenge where one team mate had to rappel a rope through each of the countries they visited. In order.

Cindy quickly nailed it. It was then off to something called, I think, Swan House, which was their final destination.

Of course it was edited to make it look like Ernie & Cindy had trouble finding the final destination and that Jeremy & Sandy were catching up.

But it was Ernie & Cindy first through gates to the cheers of those eliminated before them. Soon Jeremy & Sandy arrived, followed by Marcus & Armani.

Phil teased Marcus about his flying skills. Marcus & Armani are obviously very nice people.

Like I said, I would have been good with any of the 3 teams winning.

Had the snowboarders, Tommy & Andy, not been eliminated last week, in Panama City, where God's plan had been to confuse them and send them on wild goose chases, while the other 3 teams, who did not wear their religion on their sleeves, were blessed by God with cooperative, sneaky taxi drivers, well, if Tommy & Andy had still been in it tonight, I would have been wanting them to mess up bad at Martha Mitchell's.

Messing up with something like ending up in the Home Depot version of The Dump, but not figuring out they were in the wrong spot, til they got word the winner had already crossed the finish line.

Ernie & Cindy are going to use their million dollars by turning the million into more millions, so they can go around the world again, helping all the poor people they saw contribute to the global economy. This plan will likely get the pair nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

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