Thursday, December 8, 2011

The X-Factor Eliminates Rachel Crow With A Meltdown

I like many viewers, at least from what I've read, have been watching The X-Factor partly due to the unexpected Train Wreck the show turned out to be.

Tonight the full Train Wreck aspect was on full display with the surprising elimination of perky, young Rachel Crow. I thought Rachel Crow was going to be the likely $5 million winner. I thought wrong.

When Rachel ended up in the bottom two, the other one on the bottom was Marcus Canty. He'd been there a couple times before. Rachel never had.

Rachel seemed, to me, to be much better than Marcus during the sing-off. The audience seemed to think so as well.

Simon and Paula chose to send Marcus home. L.A. Reid sent Rachel home. That left it to Nichole with the last name I can't spell. She was so torn, she just couldn't send anyone home. So she sent Rachel home, so that the viewer's vote made the decision. Since Rachel got the fewest votes, Nichole, in effect, did send Rachel home.

Which had Nicole crying even harder after Rachel collapsed on the stage in tears, with the audience heaping scorn on Nichole. Simon comforted Rachel and promised that we'd be seeing Rachel again. I guess he is going to get her a recording contract. Or a Disney show.

Rachel's mom told her it was be okay. Rachel asked "Do you promise?" Rachel's mom then reiterated that it would be okay. Some on the interwebs misheard this exchange and thought Rachel was saying something to her mom like "You promised." Meaning you promised I would win.

Anyway, I thought Rachel would win. I also thought this was not pleasant Train Wreck TV viewing. Watching a nice 13 year old, very talented little girl collapse like that was not pretty.


Anonymous said...

Omg! She was robbed.

Anonymous said...

you are wrong listen to it again . she definitely said .. you promised me... what a spoiled brat, it definitely showed a different side .. like the astro melt down.

Durango TV said...

Amonymous #2, it is you who needs to listen to it again. Mom says it's okay. Rachel then says "you promise?"

Ken Pierce said...

She was talented for sure and for some reason there seems to be a lock of interest on Marcus Canty. The problem is with all of this Pop stuff that it is instantly forgettable no matter who wins. Just look at the American Idol winners, people are hard pressed to name three or four after the fact. I am sure she will go far eventually because she has a great voice and spirit.

gypsyangel said...

I love Rachel Crow but this just cements my belief that they should not allow such young contestants on these shows. They just chew them up and spit them out, bless their little sweet young hearts. They are just not emotionally ready or capable of handling the rejection that inevitably they must face. I thought Rachel was one that might as she seem ed so strong and mature beyond her years. I know she will be famous anyways. GL Rachel!

Anonymous said...

Rachel got the lowest number of votes in the competition.
Nicole Scherzinger did not send Rachel home - America did!