Thursday, December 15, 2011

Top Chef Texas Cooks In Tim Love's Lonesome Dove Western Bistro Where Dakota & Nyesha Are Sent Home For Raw Venison

Tim Love Drinking Tequila with Padma
That is Padma on the left, Tim Love in the middle, and Formerly Fat Chris on the right, during the Quickfire Challenge on this week's Top Chef Texas.

The Quickfire Challenge this week had to do with choosing a specific Don Julio tequila selection and somehow making it taste good with some food item of the chef's creation.

Tim Love and Padma then sampled the tequila wares, taking shots of tequila as they did so, with each sampling. By the end of the sampling Padma and Tim did not seem too tipsy.

Ty-Lor, he of last week's BBQ steak cut hand disaster, won the Quickfire. But no Immunity. The pain of the lack of immunity was somewhat mitigated by winning $5,000.

For the Elimination Challenge Tim Love flew in some of his chef friends for Game Night at his Lonesome Dove Western Bistro in the Fort Worth Stockyards. The chefs were paired with whoever they were standing next to.

That had Heather and Bev cooking together. Heather being the Big Bully who picked on Beverly last week, but won a new car anyway.

The chefs were told what game they would be cooking. Wild things like quail, venison, elk and duck.

And that they would be cooking in the kitchen of Tim Love's Lonesome Dove Western Bistro.

This is the first time whilst watching Top Chef that the cooking took place in the town I am living in and in a restaurant with which I was familiar.

I thought to myself, Lonesome Dove is not very big, how are they all going to cook there? Turns out, the size and lack of air-conditioning of Tim Love's kitchen did turn out to be an issue with the sweating chefs.

On his Bravo Blog, judge Hugh Acheson had this to say about Tim Love and his kitchen, "Time to get to Ft. Worth. Tim Love owns this town. It’s a great honky-tonk town. The tiny kitchen was about 150 degrees and the chefs are vying for space in an already emotional clusterf---ed space."

We only saw a short flash of the Fort Worth Stockyards before we entered the Lonesome Dove Western Bistro. We saw no Cattle Drive down the Stockyards main drag, no cowboy on a horse.

The chefs were tasked with judging each other's cooking, deciding who the 3 worst teams were, with the regular judges judging who got told to pack their knives and go.

I am liking Top Chef Texas. But, I am not liking all the team challenges. When do we get to the part where the chefs are judging solely on their own cooking?

And this week's teaming was the most unfair. Double elimination. Worst team totally goes. Dakota told Nyesha she was a whiz at cooking venison. Nyesha trusted Dakota. Nyesha's part of the dish was not criticized. Both were told to pack their knives and go due to Dakota's undercooked venison.

Meanwhile, Quickfire winner Ty-Lor, teamed with Edward, cooked quail, deemed by Acheson as the best dish, to him, of the season, giving them the win. And $10,000 to split. This was a good payday for Ty-Lor.

Next week the chefs leave the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and head to Austin. I hope it is not another team cooking challenge.

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