Thursday, December 15, 2011

Survivor South Pacific's Brandon Hantz Gives Away His Immunity to Albert & Then Gets Kicked Out of the Tribe

Brandon Hantz in Pain
Wednesday night's Survivor: South Pacific episode was the last regular episode before this coming Sunday's bloated 3 hour finale.

For me this has been the most off-putting season of Survivor yet.

Methinks if Survivor wants to survive it needs to drop the returning of past survivors for redemption.

For me, the gimmick has not worked.

And no more Hantz's on Survivor.

I would think that actual practitioners of the Christian faith would find offensive the way some reality shows use pseudo-Christians as comic fodder. Maybe pseudo is the wrong word. Maybe illegit would be more appropriate.

The prayer rings led by Ben Wade and Brandon Hantz were embarrassing to witness. It appeared it was embarrassing to some of those in the ring who felt they had to pretend to participate.

Brandon's idiotic concept of his religion, where he thinks God monitors reality TV game shows, with a Godly interest in the outcome, is so incredibly self-centered. Not to mention stupid. Brandon verbalizes thinking that God has all of his life planned out for him, with Brandon, apparently, thinking that Brandon has no say in the matter.

So, apparently, Brandon believes God's plan for him is to make him look to be very naive and stupid.

And then there is that phony buffoon, Ben Wade, who insists being called "Coach."

Bending over, with his forehead to the ground, praying for God to give him a vision as to who he should kick out of the tribe.

With the Survivor editors putting visions of the possible kickees on the screen.

Coach must really have an extremely low opinion of this God he speaks to, if he thinks that this God has time for such trivial, meaningless matters.

What with all the actual real problems in the world that God created, which is obviously a horrible headache for Him to try and control with any semblance of reasonable order, what with so many outbreaks of the devil's work.

And then there is Brandon Hantz with his bizarre need for overt displays of his Holy Goodness. Brandon wins the Immunity Idol. And then to show his loyalty to his word somehow decides it makes sense to give the Immunity Necklace to Albert, to the astonishment of everyone at the Tribal Council, including us watching on our TV screens.

Brandon then gets the predictable boot, with us learning that it was Brandon who God's vision told Coach to boot, despite Coach's promises to Brandon, and Coach's extremely highly evolved concept of honor and integrity.

I can not be the only viewer who finds Coach's talk of being a warrior to be embarrassing. Telling Ozzy he wants to take Ozzy to the end where it will be an honorable battle between two warriors.


On a game show.

What an idiot.

I can not be the only viewer who thinks that if Ben Wade was actually confronted with a situation which required the skills of an actual warrior, and real courage, that Coach would run away screaming like a scared school girl.

At this point I really don't care who wins Survivor.

Poetic would be if God's will were done and Brandon beats Ozzy at the final Redemption Island Duel and then goes on to win the remaining Immunity Challenges, pretty much then guaranteeing Brandon the million bucks and a resulting lifelong unshakable belief that God truly has a plan for him.

Another good scenario would be Albert winning the remaining Immunity Challenges. I think he'd likely win the million.

Another good scenario would be Ozzy beating Brandon to get off Redemption Island, and then going on to be in the Final 3. Ozzy would be the winner of the million at that point, I do believe.

I don't know if I'll be watching. It is far less exhausting just to read the result the next morning.

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