Thursday, October 28, 2010

Survivor Nicaragua: Marty Throws His Hidden Immunity Idol Away, But Not To Jill

No, that is not Marty throwing away his Hidden Immunity Idol. That came later in Wednesday night's Episode 7 of Survivor Nicaragua.

Marty and Jill knew they were in trouble. Fellow old-timer, Jane, had defected to the kids, who collectively out-numbered Marty and Jill.

Sash plotted with a pair of the kids and then offered Marty a deal. If he'd give Sash his Hidden Immunity Idol, Sash would protect Marty and they'd vote out Jill.

Marty did not do much contemplating before agreeing to throw Jill under the bus. I mean, off the tribe.

I did not understand the logic of Marty's move.

And, am I just remembering wrong, but was it not Marty and Jill, together, who found that Hidden Immunity Idol after Jill got the clue?

Why did Marty not simply tell Sash he was going to use his Hidden Immunity Idol, that night, to guarantee making it to the merge? And tell Sash that he was willing to vote Jill out. I think Sash and his crew of kids would have been too dumb to think that Marty might double-cross them by not using the Idol. And instead give it to Jill.

Which is what Marty should have done. If the kids didn't throw any votes Marty's way, Marty and Jill's two votes could have gotten rid of Sash. That would have made for some good TV.

Survivor Nicaragua is not being as entertaining as the two most recent Survivors, those being the Samoa ones with Russell Hantz providing good entertainment.

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