Monday, October 11, 2010

The Amazing Race Season 17 Episode 3: Connor & Jonathon First To Pitstop

We are 3 episodes in and I am liking this 17th edition of The Amazing Race. The racers seem to be, on the whole, a nice group. Usually, by now, we have a villain or two.

Or a super-whiner that grates on the nerves. This is known as The Flo Syndrome.

Early on, Chad of the Chad & Stephanie team, seemed to have some possible villainous-ness in him. But, this latest episode he sort of redeemed himself in more ways than one. Waxing poetic about the purity of kids, nailing the roll the wheel challenge and not getting lost looking for the Pitstop.

Nick of the Nick & Vicki team, them being the tattooed/pierced pair, lost his cool at Vicki when she mis-read the load the wheelbarrow instructions. Other teams did worse with the wheelbarrows. Nick also was hard  on Vicki at the roll the wheel challenge, til she has an asthmatic attack and then he was all supportive from that point on.

The doctors, Nat & Kat had bad taxi luck, putting them in last place to arrive at the wheelbarrow task. I thought they'd catch up by using their superior doctor brains to figure out the puzzle on the wall, which was baffling every one else, except for first to the Pitstop, $5,000 each winners of the leg, Connor & Jonathon.

I was confused by the puzzle at first. But then it seemed fairly easy. What was so funny was none of the teams, except for Connor and Jonathon, could find the decoder wall. It was also funny when one team started drawing chalk circles around groups of 8 kids playing, soon to be joined by the other teams. That was a lot of chaos.

Eventually, all gave up on the wall, and then it was just the doctors and father and son team, Michael & Kevin rolling the wheels.

Michael collapsed from the heat and exertion, requiring medical attention. I  felt sorry for him. He's only 59. Rolling the wheel did not look all that tiring.

The doctors finished the wheel task, only to be totally befuddled  following the marked trail to the Pitstop. That was also funny. Why do these people not have it etched in their memories that on The Amazing Race if the directions tell you to follow the marked path, then look for route markers. Don't just go rambling off in some direction without having seen a route marker.

In the end, Michael did finish the detour, so Michael and Kevin were able to check in. At the Pitstop Phil told the team they were last to arrive. And that this was a non-elimination leg. Seems a little early for a non-elimination leg, but I thought that might be the case after hearing Phil tell the arriving teams that in the morning they would not be racing, instead they would be working on the school they'd been performing tasks in.

The school reminds me. Another amusing moment of this episode was the going to class task, where teams had to successfully identify Ghana on a map of Africa. Now, there are a lot of countries in the part of Africa where Ghana is located, but I would think since you are in the country you'd at least know what part of Africa it was in, maybe not getting the exact little country on the first try, but close.

Nick & Vicki had no clue where Ghana was. That was pretty funny. Nick does self-deprecating pretty well, lamenting that he and Vicki are the stupidest people on the planet. Several of the teams nailed Ghana on the first try. The school kids cheering was cute.

Previews for next week have the teams heading to the Arctic Circle for some fun in the snow. Michael & Kevin have to complete a Speed Bump task that no one else has to do. Those usually are fairly easy.

I do not remember previously having so many teams on The Amazing Race who I like. Father/Daughter  team of Gary & Mallory is another one. Mallory is one upbeat lovable blonde. She keeps an upbeat spirit no matter what calamity befalls them.

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