Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: NeNe Surgery, Phaedra's Baby Shower & Kim's New Song

I think Monday's new episode of  The Real Housewives of Atlanta was episode 4 of the 3rd season. After the season opener I opined that it was very boring and that I fast forwarded past the new housewives, Cynthia the model and Phaedra the lawyer.

I read some amusing Phaedra stuff that my fast forwarding denied me the pleasure of viewing. So, I did no fast forwarding on the latest episode.

And it was the best episode of the Atlanta girls in a long time. 

NeNe went in for some plastic surgery. Apparently she'd had implants inserted some time back, but had grown tired of carrying around her big boobage. And apparently there was some extra poundage in the belly zone that NeNe wanted removed. And a nose job.

NeNe drugged up on anesthetics and continuing to talk was funny.

Then we saw, for the first time, Kim's mom and dad. The idea of a Kim mom and dad had not previously occurred to me. Apparently they live nearby, but since Kim has become a superstar they seldom see her. Kim's dad thinks he and she are lookalikes. During the course of this visit we learned, from Kim, that she is back with Big Poppa. Saying that apparently they can not live without each other.

There was a lot of talk from Kim's dad along the line that Kim needs to attend a Catholic Church regularly. So, that Kim's youngest can have communion or get blessed or something.

For some reason Cynthia and her old boy friend (by old, I mean age-wise, not ex) rode in a limo with Phaedra and Dwight, to some cheap looking horse event. Cynthia's old boy friend did not like it that Phaedra's husband, Apollo, had been replaced by everyone's gay boyfriend, Dwight.

The snarky comments from Cynthia, about Phaedra, were quite funny. That Phaedra is a piece of work. It appears she pays not attention at all to who is hearing what she is saying. Basically she called Cynthia's old boy friend dirty, because he had kids. There were many Phaedra faux pas.

Sheree went to a seminar presented by her new boy friend, Ty Muhammad, or something like that. That turned quite amusing as the boy friend brought Sheree up in front of the audience where, self-described shy Sheree, did real well in the witty repartee department with the "doctor."

Then there was Kim's visit to Kandi's studio. I have really grown to like Kandi. She is the sanest and most level headed of the Atlanta Housewives. Kim thinks she should have another song to go along with her Tardy For The Party mega-hit. She tells Kandi she has a title to the song. "Ring Don't Mean A Thing." I think that was it.
Then Kim told Kandi she still thought country was the direction she should go. Kandi said, fine, sing me your favorite country song. The crickets chirped as we waited for Kim to think of a song. That may have been the point when Kim told Kandi her brilliant song title.

The last segment of the episode was Phaedra's bizarre baby shower. It was sort of surreal. The other housewives all thought it odd and made real funny snarky comments. Cluelessly tacky Dwight helped Phaedra put on this fiasco, and played the role of husband, due to Apollo refusing to be part of the sissy event.

I can not remember any of the snarky comments at this point in time. What I do remember is I laughed more during this episode of the Atlanta Housewives than I have laughed at anything on TV in a long time.

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