Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flipping Out: End of Season 4 with House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year, No Slapping & New Job Titles

It seems like Flipping Out just started up. But, apparently it has been on for a couple months, with last night's last episode of Season 4, that being Episode 10: Rock, Paper and the Kitchen Sink, being the final episode of the season.

Apparently there is no Flipping Out Reunion Show this time. I suppose that makes sense. What are they going to re-hash? The Chuck slapping of Trace? Jeff's various Flip Outs? Crazy Barbara and her phone calls to Monkey?

Last week's Trace Slap was heard around the Internet World. By those who watch Flipping Out. Jeff does not fare well out there in TV opinion land. Most seem to think he was a giant wuss for not putting Chuck in his proper place after assaulting Trace. Strangely, no one seems to make a federal case out of the mauling of Jenni, which took place prior to the Trace Slap. Maybe this is because Jenni is seen as a tough gal who can take care of herself, particularly in Deb mode, while Trace is just a delicate, fragile little thing.

Although, surprisingly, Trace really turned into a killing machine when no one else seemed willing to deal with the nasty infestation of white flys invading Jeff's home base. One would have thought this task would have been taken up by Jett, what with him being the Senior Manager of In House Operations.

The wrapping up of the various projects is always interesting. You can say Jeff Lewis is a big wuss, bravely yelling at his underlings, while watching helpless while his employees are assaulted, but no one can say Jeff Lewis does not design cool looking spaces.

Did anyone really think Jenni was not going to New York City for the Rockefeller Center House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year deal? I suspect Jeff had 1st class tickets all along, with Jenni sitting next to him. Jeff and Jenni are masters at producing some manufactured drama. Lost day planner. Bickering in front of Christy at Casa Vega.

Speaking of Casa Vega. That was the least impressive of the projects. Its completion will have to wait for Season 5.

Towards the end of the episode Jeff told us he can't afford to give his help raises, so he's giving them titles. That was sort of amusing. Zoila is Director of In House Operations. Or something like that. Zoila seemed pleased. I already mentioned Jett's title. I forget Jenni's title, but the initials are C.O.O. Sarah's title was something ironic, like Chief Communications Officer. Trace was not in the room when the new job titles were given.

We got a peak at Season 5, sort of, with the final episode of Season 4 having Jenni and Jeff check out a new big project, down in Newport Beach, remarking that the House Beautiful Kitchen of the Year success was bringing them a flood of new business.

I hope Jeff rids himself of Sarah by the time Season 5 starts filming. Out there in TV Forum Land there is heavy duty dislike for Sarah. Pretty much all the things I find annoying. The slathering on bad makeup job, with weird eyebrows. The constant gum smacking. The stupid things she says. The stupid things she does. And the worst of it all, adding "sie" to just about any word. "Sweetsie," "Funsie," "Drinksie," "Oopsie." It just ain't cute, charming or remotely clever or amusing.

Whilst watching Flipping Out there was a preview of the soon to start Real Housewives of Beverley Hills. I did not like the look of this one. Not at all. I'll likely watch.

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