Friday, October 15, 2010

Project Runway: Mondo, Michael, Gretchen & Andy In With April Out

You are looking at what Project Runway's Michael Kors judged to be a Showstopper, on the final episode of Project Runway, before the finale episodes of Project Runway, where the final winner is named.

When Kors said "Showstopper" I thought he was going to follow that by saying it was so boring the dress stopped the show dead. Shows how well I know high fashion.

The Showstopper was made by Michael Costello. His inspiration was the Statue of Liberty. Yes, I don't get it either.

The 5 remaining designers where told by the Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, that they were to design something inspired by something in NYC.

Mondo and April picked the Brooklyn Bridge. Gretchen picked the Lower East Side. While Andy picked Central Park.

Mondo coherently explained how his inspiration ended up in what he made. April I could make no sense of. Nor could the judges. It was just another black dress, with the judges describing this one as an outfit for a pregnant witch. That sort of hurt April's feelings and I sort of felt sorry for her. Gretchen's outfit was somehow inspired by brick she saw on an old building. I didn't get it. I don't think Gretchen did either. Andy's Central Park was another black warrior princess with a slutty twist, that caused Michael (not Kors) to make a comment along the line that he'd "ask the woman in that outfit out on a date, for a very cheap dinner, let her have her way with me. And then move on." I am very very roughly paraphrasing here.

Gretchen had a really rough time of it. She admitted to being worn down and falling apart. Sick of working on challenges that made no sense to her. And Gretchen told us she was sick of being broke, that she barely made it into NYC without running out of gas. Lifetime does not fly these people to New York? They have to provide their own means of locomotion at their own expense?

Heaps of praise where dumped on Michael's Statute of Liberty and Mondo's Brooklyn Bridge, with Michael being the first told he was in. Then Mondo was in. Then Andy. So, now the two girls, very young April and older Gretchen got to squirm.

And then Heidi told Gretchen she was in. This left April in tears.

Next week Tim Gunn visits the remaining 4 in their hometowns. It will be interesting to see if we see the baby mama of Michael's son. It will also be interesting to see Mondo in his home zone. And Gretchen. The less I see of Andy the better I like it. But, he is in Hawaii and the scenery there is always nice.

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