Friday, October 29, 2010

Project Runway Season 8 Finale: Andy & Mondo Out While Gretchen Wins

Thanks to the technological miracle known as a DVR, I was easily able to zip through Thursday night's Part 2 of the Season Finale of Project Runway, while eating lunch today.

It was a 2 hour long Part 2 Season Finale.

It started with the Final 3 of Mondo, Gretchen and Lizard Man, I mean, Andy, sitting around talking about how amazing it is that they were where they were.

While staying true to their "design aesthetic."

I really have grown tired of that "design aesthetic" phrase.

Back at their domicile a note is found telling the Final 3 they will be meeting some old friends. It occurred to none of them that the old friends would be the cut designers.

What followed was a reunion, of sorts, that was sort of amusing. Then the Final 3 came out and we suffered through montages of their journey to stay true to their design aesthetics.

Finally it was back in the workroom.

And then to the Runway. Where Jessica Simpson was the Guest Judge. I figured we'd get some classic Jessica Simpson dumb comments. As I often am, I was wrong.

Andy showed off his design aesthetic first. Gone was his embarrassing bikini. It all looked blah to me.

Then Gretchen showed off her design aesthetic. It did not look as blah as Andy's. But where is it women were those short shorts on some of Gretchen's models?

And then it was Mondo. All dressed up in a suit. Mondo's design aesthetic was quite clear. It is good? I have no idea. Sort of entertaining to look at.

And then it was time for the Judges to chat. They quickly agreed that Andy was out.

After making the quick Andy decision there was a lot of arguing about the design aesthetics of Gretchen and Mondo, with Nina Garcia and Michael Kors thinking Gretchen has a feel for the pulse of current trends and fashion, while Mondo has a feel for the pulse of circus attire.

But, Heidi Klum and Jessica really liked Mondo's circus wear, both wanting to wear Mondo's polka dot dress.

Jessica was actually quite bright. At one point, when it was Andy being discussed, with Heidi, Nina and Michael agreeing that Andy had toned down, way too far, the design aesthetic that made him stand out, to which Jessica asked, "Did you guys scare him into scaling it back?" Or something like that.

Finally the arguing was over. Cut to commercial. Andy is quickly cut. We may have cut to another commercial. Hard to remember with DVR fast forwarding.

Heidi praised both Gretchen and Mondo and told them it was the longest deliberation in Project Runway history. And then told Gretchen she was the winner of Project Runway.

Mondo took his shocking defeat well. Very classy little guy. I thought he was the for sure winner.

Below is a video of Gretchen in which she demonstrates why some found her insufferable. I grew to like her. I like insufferable people who stay true to their design aesthetic.

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