Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flipping Out: Trace Gets Slapped

The looks on Jeff and Jenni's faces on last night's next to the last episode of the current season of Flipping Out are their reactions to seeing the client Chuck suddenly slap Trace.

Jeff had given Trace his first assignment with a client, now that Trace has graduated from Design School and is a full time Jeff Lewis employee.

Jeff told Trace to meet with the Chuck client to go over tile choices some more. And then to take Chuck to lunch, where Jeff told Trace a cocktail or two was permitted.

Trace took Chuck to Hamburger Mary's where Chuck got drunk and became too much for Trace to handle. So, Trace made a 911 call to Jeff and Jenni, at the office. They then came to the rescue at Hamburger Mary's, where Chuck kept getting weirder and weirder.

Including fondling Jenni where she did not want to be fondled.

After the Trace slap, Jeff and Jenni were stunned. Jeff did not know what to do. Eventually Jenni got Chuck away from the table and into the restroom. Jeff then told Trace to escape.

All in all the Trace slap was one of the stranger things I've seen on a Reality TV Show.

The Trace slap was not the only thing that happened on last night's episode, but it was the most memorable.

Everyone in the office, including Zoila, went to Trace's graduation, where Jeff's ADD kicked in. So, he, Sarah and Jett snuck out to drink beer til it was Trace's turn to graduate.

There was more trouble with no-show contractors at Jeff's various projects. Don't these contractors realize their bad behavior is being recorded on a Reality TV Show?

For next week's finale Jeff goes back to New York City for that Kitchen  project we saw him get picked for several episodes ago. The previews seemed to indicate something goes seriously awry with the kitchen. But,  previews are always so misleading.


chrislipscomb said...

I don't see how anyone can respect Jeff Lewis after that slap. I cannot believe how calmly he reacted. What a wimp. Trace was assaulted by Chuck, he could have easily filed charges. Jeff should have stood up and walked out with Trace right then and there and fired the client.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Lewis is a coward and an ass kissing bitch. Trey should have filled assault on both client and Jeff.

Anonymous said...

jeff lewis gets upset with his employees over meaningless mistakes and yet does nothing to protect his employee when slapped... self absorbed a hole.. money must mean more to him than doing what is right... maybe ryan was right....

Sammy said...

Um no one has even commented that he sexually harassed and groped Jenni.. That is just as serious if not more than a bitch slap.. But both are wrong and Jeff is a wimp.. You expect work to be a safe place and that your employer will do whatever he can to protect you...