Friday, October 22, 2010

Project Runway: Part 1 of Season Finale Sends Michael Costello Home

I don't remember when I've seen such devastation on a Reality TV Show as what we saw when Michael Costello realized he was out on Project Runway.

I think among the sobbing I heard Michael say that this setback would have his family demanding he get married again. So, that is where the kid came from? He'd been married?

Anyway, Tim Gunn checking in on the final 4 at home was interesting.

Andy South, in Hawaii, was the most likable he has been. But, I totally don't get why he was not the one who was out, what with the bizarre bikini. Andy's back sob story caused me to find him a little less annoying. Apparently they'd escaped from Laos. And now operate a farm where catfish are grown among other things.

Hawaii made Andy seem like much more of a macho man than New York City did. Andy horrified Tim by picking up a live catfish and made Tim scream like a school girl when Andy suggested handing the catfish to Tim so he could have fun holding it. Andy was also very adept and breaking open a coconut.

I  think next up was Mondo in Denver. Mondo's family seemed nice. Funny dialogue between Tim and Mondo's mother about the raising of Mondo. Apparently Mondo was forced to place baseball (short stop) if he wanted to take piano lessons. His family seemed quite proud of Mondo now, especially his sister.

And then it was to Palm Springs to check in on Michael. Michael had a lot of friends there, all male, and his little boy. And his live-in boyfriend. Apparently Michael's family have long given him a hard time about his lifestyle choices.

And then it was off to Portland to check in on Gretchen Jones. Well, Gretchen has been a Reality TV Show Goldmine. I've gone for really disliking her and wanting her to have a humiliating comeuppance, to sort of liking her and sort of feeling sorry for her. Apparently Gretchen returned to Portland to find her life destroyed,   abandoned by her significant other (was not made clear what gender. I suspect male.), her bank account wiped out, no place to live. I forget what else was in Gretchen's litany of woe.

Then it was back to NYC where each had to put 2 things from their collection and one new item on the Runway. Andy's was the one among the 4 that seemed really really bad to me. But, what do I know?

Michael Costello just seems like a much better one to keep around, just for the making good TV factor. Andy is really not made for TV.

Tim Gunn and the others were eventually able to get Michael's hysterical sobbing to stop and get him back laughing. In the end Michael really did win everyone over. Except, I suppose, for Ivy.

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