Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kim Zolciak Has Made $80K From Tardy For The Party

You are looking at The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak, with Kandi Burruss following her, in Palm Springs, in the previews for next week's 3rd episode of the 3rd season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The most shocking, to me, thing we learned in Monday night's episode two, was the revelation, via Kandi, that Kim has made over $80,000 from sales of her Tardy For The Party recording, which would not exist if it were not for Kandi, and for which Kim has not felt the need to compensate Kandi, about which Kandi sounded a tad resentful.

The reason Kim is in Palm Springs (I'm fairly certain it was Palm Springs, in California. It may have been Palm Beach in Florida) is because, apparently, Kim has become a Gay Icon, you know, like Cher and Judy Garland. There is an annual event called, I think, The White Party. And that is what Kim is invited to, to sing Tardy For The Party.

I assume Kim needs Kandi along in order to run the auto-tuner. It looks like this next episode will have some good hilarity when the Palm Springs, or Palm Beach wind conspires to try and blow off Kim's dress and reveal her bare boobage right when a big drag queen is introducing Kim to her adoring fans.

NeNe was way calmed down from the 1st episode's screaming banshee, shouting incoherent ranting in annoyingly prissy Dwight's face, at some sort of Shoe Shoe. This week NeNe and Dwight were at another show, that being a show where Kandi was showing off her hopefully hit singles.

After a lot of dirty looks, NeNe forced another confrontation with Dwight. This time the screaming banshee did not come out. NeNe and Dwight came to some sort of understanding. Which I did not understand. I guess they are back friends again.

There are 2 new Housewives. Cynthia and Phaedra. Cynthia is a model I've never heard of who thinks everyone has heard of her. Phaedra is a lawyer.

At the Kandi Show, Kim,  NeNe and Sheree are shocked, and amused, to learn from Sheree's flamboyant, pink finger-nailed, Dwight in training, that Phaedra's husband is an ex-con. For what crime the Dwight in training did not know. A friend of the Dwight in training, who was Phaedra's husband's cellmate, was the information source. This information led Sheree to make an amusingly snarky comment about Phaedra's husband and dropping soap in the shower.

Speaking of Sheree. Has her face grown even longer and more horse-like? Apparently Sheree has claimed to have toned down her Sheree-ness. She does seem to be being a slight bit less full of herself.

Sheree's blind date with a doctor from Los Angeles was fairly amusing. Sheree knew they were going dancing, a skill she said she did not have, due to being one of those very rare black women with no rhythm. Sheree got herself all tarted up, the boyfriend, to be, sent a car to pick Sheree up. Sheree gradually grew a bit horrified as it appeared she was being driven into what appeared to be Atlanta's ghetto.

Finally, arriving at the destination, Sheree finds herself in what looks like a run down strip mall's parking lot. The meeting place appears to be a strip dance club. We see the fancy shoes Sheree is wearing as she remarks she could have worn tennis shoes.

Sheree meets the doctor. There are several off putting things about the man, but Sheree keeps being able to overlook them, because he is do darn good-looking. The doctor gets Sheree to dance. She seemed to handle it well. The doctor started seeming nicer, with the evening ending with Sheree being the one to instigate a second date.

Meanwhile back at NeNe's latest rented house, banished son, Bryson (I think that's right) shows up to ask if he can come back home. NeNe seemed, to me, to be being a real good mom in this confrontation. From this confrontation we learned Bryson was a lazy slob who did nothing to help around the house, made messes, stayed out all night and had been arrested for marijuana possession, walking right into a jail to visit a friend, with pot on his person, found during a little pre-jail visit pat down.

Bryson seems totally burned out. He seems to have inherited absolutely none of his mom's high energy. In the end NeNe agreed to let Bryson come back for 90 days, during which he has to find a job and a place to live, with the caveat that once he is out, after 90 days, there was no coming back. Apparently this type tough love had been done to NeNe when she left home.

Is Bryson not the kid we saw given an expensive car upon high school graduation? What became of that car during all the family's financial woes? I suspect it was leased. Just like the ever changing houses.

So, after last week's dull 1st episode had me considering bailing, I'm back interested in the Atlanta Housewives again, particularly looking forward to Kim's possible Palm Springs debacle.

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