Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hell's Kitchen: Boris Goes Home While Sabrina Takes Off Her Glasses

That is Sabrina Brimhall you're looking at. She is one of the cooks on the latest iteration of Hell's Kitchen. The other girls on Sabrina's team have long wanted to be rid of her, nominating Sabrina to go home over and over again.

In Wednesday's first episode, the girls put Sabrina up to go again. Along with Nona Sivley. The boys put up the one they always put up, because he is so inept, he being excessively sweaty Boris Poleschuk, along with the borderline obese, Rob McCue.

But, due to the diners giving their dinners a 90% satisfied customer ranking and due to both teams completing their dinner services, Chef Ramsay sent no one home after the first hour.

That was not the case by the end of the second hour. When Boris was finally out of the kitchen.

Digressing back to Sabrina. Time and again Sabrina redeems herself. And then pisses her team off again. And again. The second episode on Wednesday night started with the cooks cooking a meat dish, to be judged by famous judges, who then said how much they'd pay for the dish.

Sabrina's lamb gave the girls (and Trevor) the win. Only Russell of the boys had a dish priced higher than the girl he was up against. Russell's last name is Kook. A cook with the last name of Kook seems sort of funny.

After their win the girls (and Trevor) were then off for some sailboating and salsa dancing. Sabrina left her eyeglasses behind, and sort of like an unattractive librarian with glasses, Sabrina taking hers off really amped up her cuteness.

I forgot to mention, despite the other girls not liking Sabrina, she has become a fan favorite, due to her amusing antics and overall funny uber-bitchiness.

The 2nd hour dinner service was a black tie affair celebrating the 100th Hell's Kitchen dinner service. Four previous winners of Hell's Kitchen were special guests. The only 2 I remembered were recent winner, Holli, and Danny, with the pony tail, who no longer has the pony tail and now looks quite respectable.

From the start Trevor was a mess for the girls, as was Boris for the boys. Ramsay kicked Trevor outside for awhile, which caused the girls to become cooking machines.

Then the boys totally messed up. With the girls completing all their tickets, Ramsay kicked the boys out of the kitchen, while the girls finished up all the boy's tickets.

The boys all decided on putting up Boris for Ramsay to kick out of Hell's Kitchen, but they were tied on the other choice, so Boris, Bob and Vinni Accardi got to plead their case, with Boris' plea not being pleasing enough to Chef Ramsay to keep Boris.

And then Ramsay said he was not finished. He told Trevor to step forward, causing a shocked look of horror to flash on Trevor's face, and then "To Be Continued..." to be flashed on our TV screen.

I think this one is pretty easy to figure out. Ramsay tells Trevor to get back on the boy's team, due to the fact that, with Boris gone, there were only 3 boys left. The girls will go into celebration mode at the news of being rid of Trevor.

Next week's preview showed some shouting and meltdowns. Shocking.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot wait to see Russell's racist butt kicked off the show. He's more of a saboteur than he is a leader. When Boris struggled, instead of encouraging him, Russell seemed intent to frazzling him more. Then Russell gets on camera and makes several russian slurs. What an absolute prick. I'd eat a TV dinner before I'd eat at that clown's restaurant.