Friday, October 8, 2010

Project Runway: Ivy Accuses Michael of Cheating While Mondo Does Not Win 4 in a Row Due to Andy Winning Instead

Mondo did not make it a record 4 wins in a row, this week, on Project Runway. He came close, though.

Andy South won. Andy South wears on my nerves. That is Andy South staring at who knows what in the picture.

This week the remaining 6 had to make something called active wear that matched the look of a line of action wear that Heidi Klum will be hawking on

The designers had to use fabric that Heidi had already acquired, augmented with other fabric, should they feel the need.

Mondo was a bit overwhelmed due to Heidi's colors being a bit bland compared to Mondo's usual color choices. Mondo was being a bit of a prima donna diva this episode. This slightly reduced his likability.

Heidi showed up with Tim Gunn in the workroom. She did not like what Mondo was making. Heidi thought Mondo was rolling his eyes at her. I forget now what it was Heidi did not like about what Mondo was making. This was the point when Mondo went into diva mode and left the work room to pout for a bit.

And then Heidi came to Gretchen. Heidi really did not like what Gretchen was doing. Even I knew Gretchen was not following the criteria Heidi had made clear.

And then Heidi through them another curve. They had an extra day and had to design 2 more pieces to go with the look. Oh, what panic.

But then Heidi told them they'd have helpers. For Michael Costello this meant all the people who hated him were coming back. Things had been going well for Michael, with the remaining people figuring out he was not the devil incarnate.

So, 6 of those who had been cut came back. Mondo got to choose first. Soon there was a lot of sewing going on, when Ivy launched into Michael about cheating. This was real bizarre to me and I understood none of it. This led to Tim Gunn showing up and basically clearing Michael of the cheating charge, that somehow involved using tape, rather then sewing. No one called it Tapegate.

The most amusing moment of the episode came when the ultra bad loser bitch Ivy was referencing karma and how it would bite Michael in the future, after which we saw the sewing machine attack Ivy with a needle.

After the Runway Show it was Gretchen, Michael and Christopher in the bottom, with April, Mondo and the aforementioned Andy as the Top 3.

I'd grown to sort of like Gretchen over time. But this episode she brought back her bad self. When Heidi and Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and the guest judge, who's name I can't possibly be expected to remember, discussed who to give the win to and who was out, Heidi was pretty funny describing Mondo's workroom attitude, but she was real funny discussing Gretchen's oversized ego and overbearingness.

In the end, after Heidi told Gretchen she was in, Heidi advised Gretchen to learn to take construction criticism, which then caused Gretchen to complain about the quality of the constructive criticism. I think this is what is known as irony.

I forgot to mention, it was Christopher who was out. He seemed to take it well. I also forgot to mention that Heidi like all 3 of Andy's designs so much she was putting all of them on Amazon. Originally Heidi said 1 design would be picked for Amazon. Andy seemed thrilled. Does Andy get paid for his design?

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Anonymous said...

i couldnt agree more! she started the mudslinging and the second michael defended himself, she had the audacity to call him despicable! well, i find her designs and attitude far more heinous! she needs to learn the definition of karma and maybe next time she wont get hit in the face with a needle...karma!